Health benefits Of Jalapeno That Everyone Should Know

Do you enjoy spicing up your food with jalapenos? If yes, then you are in for a healthy surprise. Jalapeno peppers are loaded with many health benefits. Please continue reading to know the amazing health benefits of Jalapeno.

1. Helps in losing weight: you must have heard or read somewhere that peppers contain capsaicin which is responsible for the chilliness. Capsaicin is very good aid for losing weight and is also an active ingredient in many weight loss products. Capsaicin helps in burning calories and the stored fat. The hot sensation you get from eating peppers is also helping you burn calories. As jalapeno is a member of the pepper family, the weight loss qualities are also great health benefits of Jalapeno.

2. Arthritis: The capsaicin also has anti-inflammatory properties which are part of the health benefits of Jalapeno. This helps in reducing the pain and inflammation in people who are suffering from arthritis. If you are seeking for an arthritis treatment, go ahead and take advantage of the health benefits of Jalapeno in your meal, it helps!

3. Cancer: research and studies conducted by scientists at University at Nottingham and American association of Cancer Research concluded that capsaicin found in jalapeno and other peppers have properties that are able to reduce the growth of cancerous cells. It was found that the health benefits of Jalapeno are helpful in the case of prostate cancer.

4. Headache and other pains: the capsaicin present in jalapeno blocks the neuropeptide which transmits pain to the brain. In simple words it means that one of the health benefits of Jalapeno can help ease headache and other pains. So if you have any headache or any other pain then take advantage of the health benefits of Jalapeno to ease the pain.

5. Nasal congestion: the hotness in peppers due to the presence of capsaicin helps in clearing the sinus. Jalapeno helps in curing sinus infections by loosening the mucus stuck in airways. Health benefits of Jalapeno help in easy breathing if you have any sinus and mucus related problem or infection.

6. Ulcers: jalapeno may not have the ability to treat stomach ulcers, however, it stop ulcers from forming in the first place. The health benefits of Jalapeno reduce the growth of bad bacteria by killing them inside the stomach and the intestines. Stomach ulcers are often caused by the presence of bad bacteria in the stomach.

7. Helps in treating high blood pressure: jalapenos have good quantity of flavinoids, Vitamin A as well as Vitamin C. All the above mentioned substances are health benefits of Jalapeno that help in reducing blood pressure.

8. Helps reduce water retention: excess of water present in the body is bad for health. Water retention is also harmful for heart health. The most common sign of water retention is swollen ankles and difficulty in breathing (due to the pressure put on the lungs by excess water). Health benefits of Jalapeno increase sweat which helps in getting rid of excess water from the body.

9. Heart Attacks: Many researches have indicated that places where jalapeno or peppers are consumed in every day diet people have low rate of heart attacks. Above we have discussed many other health benefits of Jalapeno that may indirectly benefit the health of the heart. Studies have also indicated that jalapeno slows the fibrin buildup in the body. Fibrin is responsible for blood clot formation near the heart.

10. Antioxidants: the presence of vitamins and Flavonoid in jalapeno makes it a really good anti-oxidation food. These health benefits of Jalapeno help in repairing damaged cells in the body.

To sum it up, the health benefits of Jalapeno can definitely aid us in having a healthy lifestyle by including them in our diet from time to time.

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