Don’t throw away lemon peels!  Discover several ways in which you can effectively use lemon peels:

1. Dry lemon peels for a few days and powder them. This powder is a natural flavour enhancer!

2. Use lemon peels as ant and cockroach repellents.

3. Leave lemon peel and hot water in stained dishes to remove stains.

4. Use lemon peel as a facial scrub to reduce age spots.

5. Rub lemon peel on your teeth for instant whitening effect!

6. Scrub hair with lemon peels to lighten the colour of your hair.

7. Dry lemon peels and use them for making lemon tea.

8. Use lemon peels in pedicures for sweet smelling and smooth feet!

9. Rub lemon peel on scalp regularly to get rid of dandruff.

10. Soak lemon peel in water for 15 days and then mix one part of this lemon water with one part of vinegar to make an effective cleaning solution.