Garlic is high in a sulphur compound called Allicin, which is believed to bring most of the health benefits and is also responsible for the distinct garlic smell. Allicin enters the body from the digestive tract and travels all over the body, where it exerts its potent biological effects. Garlic is a plant in the onion family, grown for its cooking properties and health effects.

  1. Garlic is low in calories and very rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Manganese. One ounce of garlic contains 42 calories, 1.8 grams of protein and 9 grams of carbs. It basically contains all the nutrients you need in small amounts.
  2. Garlic supplementation helps to prevent and reduce the severity of common illnesses like the flu and common cold.
  3. High doses of garlic appear to reduce blood pressure of those with known high blood pressure (hypertension). Garlic supplementation can be as effective as allopathic medications without the side effects.
  4. Garlic supplementation seems to reduce total and LDL(bad) cholesterol, particularly in those who have high cholesterol. HDL cholesterol and triglycerides do not seem to be affected. Garlic has known beneficial effects on common causes of chronic disease, so it makes perfect sense that it could help you live longer.
  5. Garlic protects against organ damage from heavy metal toxicity. Three doses of garlic each day helps in symptom reduction.
  6. Garlic was shown to significantly reduce lead toxicity and related symptoms in one study.
  7. Garlic appears to have some benefits for bone health by increasing estrogen levels in females.
  8. Garlic is one of the earliest known “performance enhancing” substances.
  9. Garlic may not be found in acne products’ list of ingredients, but it can serve as a natural topical treatment to get rid of blemishes. Allicin, has the ability to stop the damaging effects of radicals and kill bacteria.
  10. Grow beautiful hair with garlic.  It could end your hair loss problems because of its high levels of allicin, which is found to treat hair loss. Rub sliced cloves of garlic on your scalp, squeezing as you go for the most benefit. You can also infuse oil with garlic and massage it into your scalp.
  11. Garlic could help you control your weight, eating a garlic-rich diet dissolves fat and reduces weight.

Try to cook with garlic daily for tasty and waist-friendly meals.

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