Point one, never cut them short!
Haha! Just joking. 😉
Only few ladies out there love, manage and maintain really long hair. Washing, drying and pampering long hair is a pain. Whether your hair is short, long or thick, keeping it healthy is the key. Here is a list of things which you should not be doing to your dainty locks.
Mistake: Oiling hair at bed time. If you do so and let it sit the whole night,you are in fact suffocating your scalp.
Correction: The purpose of oiling is to condition hair and it requires not more than an hour.
Mistake: Heating oil on stove top. Never heat oil directly on flame.
Correction: Rather swirl your oil container in another filled with hot water.
Mistake: Applying HOT oil on scalp.
Correction: Hot oil treatment is a misnomer. Oil has to be warm or luke warm.
Mistake: Shampooing! Yes, I mean it. Shampooing frequently makes your hair beg for life.
Correction: Dilute shampoo in water and apply it on scalp. Let it run down the strands. Avoid too much rubbing. Towel dry hair and top it with a conditioner before you rinse again. Ideally, natural shampoos like shikakai or hibiscus leaves are the best. They remove dirt, condition hair and cool the scalp for a good night’s sleep. Plus point, your hair would thank you for it.
Mistake: Towel drying harshly!
Correcting: You are drying hair and it is dying. Frantic and vigorous hair drying makes hair frizzy and dead. If you can’t detangle hair, get a detangler spray.
Mistake: Detangling wet hair. It is a big mistake that we women commit. We deal with knots from top to bottom and that too with a brush.
Correction: Instead, always attend to tangled hair while you condition using your finger tips. At all costs, avoid a brush.
Mistake: Harsh brushing, brushing wet hair and combing backwards towards the scalp are killers! So is overbrushing.
Correction: Use wide toothed combs to brush dry hair.
Mistake: Using single hair clips and pony tail holders. You hair hates all that tugging and pulling it receives every day.
Correction: Pull up hair loosely. Avoid tugging.
Mistake: Leaving hair open for long.
Correction: You think tying up hair is stressing it? Wrong. If you leave hair loose for long you may end with split ends. Sun exposure and harsh winds further damage it. Leave them open only in friendly atmosphere : at home or in the car but not in the sun, on a bike.
Mistake: Sleeping with open hair.
Correction: Wear and tear, that’s the result. Comb your mane neatly and tie up in a loose braid or bun. Use a silk pillow.
Mistake: Styling! You love it. But, your hair hates it.
Correction: Avoid hot irons, colours and equipment. Let hair enjoy its natural state.
Mistake: Still going for it? Styling without a hair wash.
Correction: Residues of hairsprays need to be washed off before styling. Hairsprays contain alcohol which burn on contact with heat.
Mistake: Now that you have done it, skipping suitable hair products.
Correction: If you blow dry your hair, use hot irons or other styling equipments never skip heat protectants.
Now you know the top hair care mistakes that you commit everyday that can damage hair from roots to ends.
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