15 Signs of Thyroid Disease that You Never Knew

You may have thyroid disease and still not know about it.

An odd twitching of hands or fingers, nervousness, an unexplained bump or pain often get ignored. What if these small signs point to larger problem?

Thyroid disease is one such ailment whose symptoms may often go unnoticed. Know these uncommon signs of thyroid that you may otherwise overlook:

1. Bruising easily

Believe it or not, bruising too easily, having frequent nosebleeds etc. are symptoms of thyroid.

2.Immersive flow in a task – not possible

Normally, if you engage yourself in some work, and flow along with it, you tend to forget the pain. This is not possible if you have thyroid, where the pain is too intense to ignore. Also, the state of fatigue makes it almost impossible to concentrate. It is an indication of thyroid imbalance.

3. Itching

If you start getting sudden continuous itching sensations all over your body, or some parts, it is also an indication of thyroid disease.

4. Unstable nail growth

If your finger nails grow too slow and toe nails too fast, or vice versa, it is an indication of thyroid disorder.

5. Feeling like crying frequently

Well, some people attribute this symptom to depression, but, this equally applies to the oncoming threat of thyroid disease too

6. Dramatic weight loss

If you do not usually have a tendency to lose weight, but suddenly you shed kilos, it is nothing to be happy about. Same is the case if you lose weight rapidly during pregnancy. Rapid weight loss, in the absence of any such tendency, may indicate thyroid imbalance.

7.“Buzziness” in the throat/coughing a lot

It might be due the fact that your thyroid gland is swollen and not behaving in a normal manner.

8. Extra weight in the abdominal area

Rapid accumulation of fat and weight gain, particularly in your abdominal area, is a sign of oncoming thyroid threat.

9. Swollen ankles

If you see abnormal or unexplained swelling across your ankles and the relevant area, chances are that you need to get yourself checked for thyroid disorder.

10. Intolerance of hot/cold temperatures

If you do not feel at ease in either very hot or very cold temperatures, this also is a sign of thyroid.

11. Slow speech or movement

If you notice abnormal lag or slowness in your speech and movements, you need to get yourself checked for the symptoms of thyroid.

12.  Constant diarrhea/constipation

Having a constant problem of diarrhea or constipation sure is an uncommon indication that you might be suffering from thyroid disease.

13. Irregular periods or increase in PMS

If your menstruation cycle becomes abnormally long or short, it is a sign of thyroid imbalance. Same is true if there is a sudden increase in your PMS symptoms.

14. Insomnia

One of the main symptoms of thyroid is that you start feeling fatigued and tired. However, no matter how much you try to sleep, you can’t do so. You feel like an insomniac.

15. Hair loss

If you suffer from unusual hair loss, get tested for thyroid imbalance. Hair fall happens in both hypothyroid as well as hyperthyroid. Hair will grow back once thyroid condition is corrected.

So, stay aware and notice any changes in your body. Do not ignore them. Consult your doctor at the earliest to get the diagnostic tests done. Remember, these small signs are the way your body is warning you to take care!

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