15 Ways To Use Essential Oils For Better Health

Aromatherapy remains to be steadily growing area of interest all across the world as the world searches for holistic and side effect free methods of healing. Some people use herbal supplements and some use home remedies to achieve good health. However, lots of people these days have turned to aromatherapy essential oils to rejuvenate their senses. Aromatherapy can use in everyday life. Here are some methods by which you can achieve good health with aromatherapy essential oil.

1. Use an aromatherapy essential oil and diffuse some of it in air by using either an electric diffuser or a ceramic diffuser to refresh the air and make the environment more positive. For depression diffuse essential oils such as jasmine or rose around your room.
2. Facial essential steam: Simply add few drops of your favored essential oil in steaming hot water. Put your head over the bowl n cover your head with a towel such that no steam can escape from side. Breathe deeply. This would help clear your nasal tract as well as clean the pores of your face.
3. Add four to ten drops of aromatherapy essential oil to your bath water or Jacuzzi.
4. Add four to ten drops of essential drops to sixty milliliter of purified water in a small spay bottle. Spray whenever you want to uplift your spirits and refresh yourself.
5. Remove the bottle caps of essential oil bottle and breathe directly from it.
6. You can use essential linen spray to freshen up towels and bed-sheets. Make the linen spray in similar way how you make the face spray. Mix about twenty to thirty drops of aromatherapy essential oil to sixty ml of purified water.
7. You can make a room spray using aromatherapy essential oil and spray after every couple of hours for refreshing fragrance. Add fifty to seventy drops of essential oil to sixty ml of purified water.
8. Hand as well as foot bath: Add four to six drops of aromatherapy essential oil to a bowl filled with lukewarm water. Soak your hands as well as your feet in it. If your feet are tired then add two tablespoon of epsom salt to the essential oil foot bath that you made in the above step.
9. Massage Oil: You can make aromatherapy essential oil by mixing ten to twenty drops of oil to thirty ml of any carrier oil. Some of the commonly used carrier oil are grapeseed, sweet almond, olive and jojoba. If you are using this massage oil on kids then reduce the amount of essential oil by half as their skin is quite sensitive.
10. After taking a nice shower add some drops of essential oil on a clean washcloth and rub gently all over your body.
11. Put couple of drops of essential oil such as lavender oil or eucalyptus oil on your pillow before you sleep at night. This helps in clearing your nasal tracts and improving sleep.
12. Sniff lavender essential oil to cure headaches.
13. Vivify old and fragrance-less potpourri by adding ten to twenty drops of any essential oils to it and mixing it well.
14. Dab teatree essential oil on pimples or acne to aid in clearing up the infection.
15. Add five to ten drops of eucalyptus essential oil to your shampoo to solve dandruff problems.


2 thoughts on “15 Ways To Use Essential Oils For Better Health

  • May 31, 2010 at 11:57 pm

    Very good information. I have used most of the suggestions you gave for essential oils resulting in many health benefits. I use essential oils on a daily basis in my home and with my reflexology clients.

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