Salacia-O Natural Remedy for Diabetes Control

Proven Ayurvedic Medicine for Reducing Blood Sugar Levels

Salacia Oblonga, known in ayurvedic texts as Saptarangi, is a powerful ancient Indian herb.

salaciaIts anti-glycemic, sugar level reduction property has been used for 1000s of years in treating Madhumeha (sanskirt for Diabetes) 100-natural-product

It is 200 times more powerful than Acarbose a popular allopathic anti-diabetes drug

Modern scientific studies published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition confirms that there is up gmpto 22% reduction in post prandial glucose in controlled settings.

Long term individual users with Type 2 Diabetes have reported near normal blood sugar levels and return to normal diet.


Feedback from Short Term and Long Term Users

Salacia-O user for past 7 Years

satishAfter the first 30 days of its use my blood sugar levels dramatically dropped from 134(Fasting)/176(Post Prandial) to 112(F)/144(PP).  Gradually I relaxed from almost diabetic diet to normal diet that was cooked for everyone at home... Now for past 3 years I have also moderately indulging in mangoes, litchis, and deserts like ice creams and cakes. (See the full handwritten testimonial our eBook: How to Manage Diabetes Naturally) 

Satish K. Mehta, Retired General Manager (Escorts),Gurgaon

sudanshuSalacia-O user for past 3 months

I used two packs of Salacia - O and found to its demand. My blood sugar FF level was around 120 ~ 130 and with two packs and regular morning work it had came down to 90 ~ 100 FF level.  It really worked for me and my wife too.

Sudhansu Sekhar Mohanty, Gurgaon

Salacia-O user for past 3 months

a-johnMy 80 year old mother's blood sugar was over 250 and even going above 300 and even with very high doses of insulin it refused to come down. Within a month of starting on Salacia-O, it dropped to below 200 and now after 3 months its well below 150 consistently.  Thanks Nirogam, I am so happy to see my mom's blood sugar lowered so drastically and her insulin dependence reduced to such a great extent.

A John, Marketing Head, Bangalore


Choose Dosage Based on Your Blood Sugar Levels

See Lasting Results in 60 days

Salacia O

120 Capsules - Rs. 1499
  • FBS less than150 mg/DL
  • 1 Capsule twice a day

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