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Experience great health with regular intake of Triphala Rasayana.  Here are some of its amazing benefits:

  • Boils – Mix Triphala in a glass of water and rinse your mouth on a regular basis to treat boils.
  • Eye Pain – Mix Triphala in water add a few drops 3-4 times a day to the eyes to relieve eye pain.
  • Detoxification – Mix 1 tsp. of Triphala in warm water and drink it at bedtime to detoxify your system and improve bowel movements.
  • Diarrhoea – Take about 3 gms of Triphala with 1 tsp. of honey twice a day for relief from diarrhoea.
  • Weight Loss – Mix 1 tsp of Triphala in a glass of fresh water that has been diluted with 2 tsp. of honey to lose weight.