Energy, coming from the body or the mind, is known as the life blood of a person. It is common knowledge that any person with positive mental and physical energy can move past all kind of difficulties in life and gain excellence. Each and every healing therapy and energy healing technique aims at lowering stress levels and anxiety and calming the person’s mind and body. Energy healing techniques help a person get rid of negative emotions and also provide relief from illnesses and chronic pains.

The main purpose of energy healing techniques is to relax a person and increase his confidence levels. These energy healing techniques are at times more powerful than any medical drugs in curing a person from a serious illness.

There are many kinds of energy healing techniques available but most popular of them are:

1. Reiki
Reiki is one of the extremely efficient energy healing techniques used primarily to relax a person and release stress. ‘rei’ in the work reiki stands for spiritual and universal power. The ‘ki’ stands for vital energy. Reiki is a Japanese way of healing and was first understood and practised by Mikao Usui. Reiki has been used to increase the congenital energy that improves health, promotes long life, increases well being and makes a person happy. This method practises deriving energy from the hands of the practitioner. The practitioner places his or her hands on or near the body of the energy receiver.

The human body has seven chakras namely, the head, the third eye of the Lord Shiva, the throat, the naval, lower abdomen and the last bone of the spinal cord.

The practitioner lays his hands on the receiver and passes on positive energy which is in sync with the seven chakras. Reiki practitioners are also able to send positive energy to people at a distance. The Reiki practitioners meditate and send healing energy to a person in need.

2. Quantum Touch:
Quantum touch energy healing techniques is a helpful way of energy healing. The practitioners energise the receivers by means of breathing exercises, visual imaging and meditation. This way of energy healing aims at lowering painful symptoms, correcting skeletal problems and improving the metabolic rate.

3. Polarity therapy
Polarity therapy is one of the energy healing techniques that comprises bodywork, diet, physical workout, and lifestyle changes to restore as well as improve required flow of energy through the entire body. The fundamental idea behind the polarity therapy is that the vital energy inside the human body is based in electromagnetic force and that ailments happen because of incorrectly dissipated energy. These types of energy healing techniques helps in treating digestion problems, back ache, fatigue, menopausal disorder, head ache etc.

4. Pranic Healing:
Pranic energy healing techniques are done by passing prana (the “universal vital force”) from the practitioner’s body to the receiver’s body or the parts of the body requiring healing. The force energises the cells as well as the tissues, rejuvenates them, and permits waste material and toxins to leave the body. It includes the use of passes and the laying on of hands.

5. EFT:
Emotional Freedom Technique is a drug-free, simple method that helps in reducing stress and getting rid of painful emotions related with thoughts or past experiences. As per Ancient Chinese Medicine, there are some points on the human body where you can tap, softly, with your fingers, while embracing the troublesome thought in your mind to get rid of them and ease your mind.

Energy healing techniques are definitely helpful in your life. You just need to learn how to do it yourself or seek professional help.

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