It is becoming more and more difficult for parents to make sure their kids are getting the balanced diets they need. Are you one of those parents who fret all day long about their child’s nutrition? Then worry no more, just make sure you include the following five things in your child’s diet and rest assured your child will be fully nourished.

Your parents must have told you endlessly to drink more milk so that you become strong and sharp. Now it is your turn to tell your kids to drink milk. The importance of drinking milk can be ascertained by the fact that a new born child is only fed milk.    Milk is one of the most important source of nine essential nutrients which includes calcium, vitamins A, B12 and D, protein, phosphorous, riboflavin, potassium and niacin. Apart from the good amount of calcium, milk is also rich in Vitamin D which is very important for the absorption of calcium in the body. A growing child needs atleast two glasses of milk everyday.

Whole Grain Food
Whole grain foods include cereals and breads that constitute of only whole grains and include no refined grains. Whole grain foods include brown bread, brown rice, cornflakes as well as popcorns. Whole grain cereals are much more nutritious than refined grains, they are richer in dietary fiber, proteins, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. The refined foods such as white break and white rice are stripped off their nutritional content while they are processed. Though the refined grain foods taste much better but they are less healthy than the whole grain foods. Health or taste? The choice is yours.

Use different kinds of vegetables which can be consumed raw, stir fried in little oil or boiled. This in no sense includes French fries or any other veggie that is deep fried. As a parent I am very sure that you face difficulty in feeding vegetables to your kid. It is best not to force him. Instead, be more creative with your cooking. Try a brown bread vegetable sandwich or a pizza with vegetable topping with no or very less cheese or even better chop up the veggies and blend them in soups and noodles.

The white portion of the egg is extremely rich in proteins and the egg yolk is a good source of protein and Vitamin A. calcium and iron are also found in egg. The egg yolk is quite high in cholesterol and excess of it is not healthy. If you are a non-vegetarian or an eggtarian then you must include boiled eggs in your child’s diet. It is advisable to remove the egg yolk because of the high cholesterol content. Hard boiled eggs have always been a nutritious snack and are loved by most kids.

Fruits and Fruit Juices
Nutrition from fruits is also very important for your child’s nutrition. Fruits are rich in most nutrients and regular consumption of them reduces risk factors of some serious ailments in the future. Fruits are to be eaten fresh; stored or canned fruits are not as nutritious as the fresh ones. If your kid is not a fruit lover then you can prepare tasty fruit salads for him but make sure you serve it fresh. Another good option is to replace soda and other aerated drinks from your refrigerator and serve freshly squeezed juice whenever your child craves for cold drinks. Although it is advisable to give your child freshly squeezed juice, however, a tetra juice pack is any day healthier than soda drinks. Moreover, kids love sipping though a straw.

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