Why You Should Add These 5 Amazing Fruits to Your DietEveryone knows that fruits are extremely nutritious and we should be eating more fruits but are we eating enough of the right fruits?

Fruits help in increasing our energy levels, improving our health, keeping the heart healthy, prevention of cancer and much more. The numerous health benefits of fruits cannot be counted on your fingers and you must make a serious effort to include them as much as possible in your diet.

There are some fruits that are more beneficial than the other. Here we are going to list five fruits and their health benefits, which are guaranteed to motivate you to include them in your diet.

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1. Strawberries:
Fresh strawberries are the healthiest, so try to have strawberries as fresh as possible. Strawberries are very rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are very important to postpone the ageing process and they work against free radicals, which are the main cause of cancers. The amount of Vitamin C present in strawberry is extremely high. Vitamin C also helps in increasing your energy levels.

2. Grapefruit
Grapefruit helps in reducing the level of bad cholesterol thus improving the health of your heart. It also assists the body in processing food by reducing the insulin level in the bloodstream. This helps the body in processing more energy that is taken in from the food, this can help you lose weight faster. Grapefruit has the ability to repair the damaged DNA present in cells, which is greatly helpful in preventing development of cancer.

3. Pineapples
Pineapples are extremely rich in Vitamin C. Apart from Vitamin C, you can also get several vitamins and minerals, fibre and potassium. The nutrients present in pineapples help increase energy levels and increases your immunity. Pineapple also contains bromelain which helps in fighting off colds and cough and also act as throat soothers. Pineapples are thus helpful in reducing cough and stopping build up of mucus. In everyday health, pineapples play an important role in keeping the bones healthy. They are also rich in manganese which plays an important role in prevention of any bone related disease.

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4. Apples:
“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, this saying is almost true. Apples are a symbol of good nutrition. Apples have anti inflammatory agents, anti-carcinogens as well as anti-allergens. All the just mentioned properties can actually help you stay away from the doctor. Apples have ample quantity of flavanoids. Flavanoids are very powerful antioxidants which help in delaying the ageing process. An apple a day could also make you look younger. Apples also help strengthen our cells, making them strong enough to fight cancer.

5. Avocados:
Avocados are very helpful in helping the heart become stronger, healthier as well as reducing the risk of any heart ailment. Avocados contain carotenoids and tocopherols, which can help prevent breast and prostate cancer. They are low in fat but contain a monounsaturated fat that can really help in lowering the cholesterol levels. Avocados also have good amounts of potassium, which helps balance the blood pressure.