Your eating habits have more or less everything to do with your health as well as your weight. The following fivr changes in your eating pattern will not just help you achieve optimum health, but it will also help you get those kilos off.

1. Chew a lot
When was the last time you actually sat down and took more than twenty minutes to finish off a meal? Possibly long time ago. We actually do not acknowledge the fact that we stuff ourselves rather than really eat what our body needs. The success of take away meal joints is a proof of that. If you really want to change this habit you have to sit down and do it right NOW! When you chew your food properly your digestive system works more effectively. Plus, you will know better when your stomach is full and its time to stop.

2. Dark and smaller Cutlery
The color of the plates and dishes we use to eat our meal highly affects our appetite. You tend to eat more from a light and warm colored plate like cream, orange or even red. However, cool colors such as blue, purple or minty green kills your appetite. Next time you go to your fav restaurant observe how the lightings are yellow and dim and believe me you will never find any successful joint serving food in a cool colored plate.

Downsizing your dishes will also help you eat less. Try using a salad plate instead of your usual dinner plate.

3. Relax before your meals
Many a time people have a tendency to eat a lot when they are stressed out. Some people who are emotionally vulnerable tend binge every time some emotionally weakening incidence occurs. Before eating your meals, most importantly your dinner, you must relax and unwind yourself. When you eat in a relaxed mood you are more aware of the food in front of you rather than your thoughts. Try reading a magazine or listening to a musical CD to relax your senses. Everyone has their own de stress technique… find yours!

4. Stop Multitasking at meal hours
It is essential that you ‘only’ eat when you eat. Watching television, talking on your mobile or even reading a book during meals will distract you away from your food and you may end up eating more than required. When that one portion will turn into three, you won’t come to know with your mind totally engrossed in your favorite soap. Moreover, eating while you read or watch television will turn into a habit. Very soon it will be vice versa… every time you watch television you will want your mouth filled with food. For the sake of your health it is best to be a monk at the dining table… eat while you relish every single bite.

5. Start your meal with soup and salads
This tip must be especially applied to the last meal of the day. Relish a medium bowl of either soup that is broth based or salads. If you are really hungry and you know it deep within that you may overeat then have both. Soup will slowly satiate your appetite and salads are naturally filling and wholesome. Soup and salads are extremely nutritious and they are great appetite suppressants.

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