6 Harmful Things Your Food May Contain

Take a peep into your kitchen cabinet now. What do you find?

Among many others items you are sure to find crackers, fruit juices, meat, salad dressings, frozen foods and chips, right? Have you ever read the labels of these foods carefully? On a closer look, you'll find that they have the most common harmful ingredients that disguise their way into our food.

  1. Terms such as flavor enhancers indicate the presence of MSG (mono sodium glutamate), a food additive that could be slowly and silently doing a major damage to your health.
  2. ‘Corn syrup' or ‘fructose' found in peanut butter, candies, flavored yoghurt increases risk for obesity as well as cancer and dementia.
  3. Found in cookies and cakes, ‘trans fatty acids' is among the most dangerous preservative. It increases the bad cholesterol level and gradually clogs the arteries leading to heart attack.

Consuming convenience foods has almost become the lifestyle now. However, it is essential to get familiar with the names of preservatives and work towards minimizing and eliminating such foods.

Read the complete list of harmful additives here.

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