6 things to Do to treat your bleeding Gums

Identifying The Causes

There are many reasons why small children may have sore gums. The pain usually signifies early signs of gum problem. One reason could be if the child has starting having tooth. Many children have gingivitis problem and if it goes untreated it can result in periodontitis. But parents can apply home remedies for swollen gums to prevent it from getting worse.

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How to Identify Gingivitis:

  • The first sign of gingivitis is bleeding of gums while brushing teeth. Bleeding of the gums is not normal while brushing.
  • Other symptoms may include redness and swelling of the gums.
  • The gums are tender when touched. The child may experience some discomfort when he eats something hard.
  • Gingivitis can further develop into severe gum disease as the gums start drawing back and pulling away from the teeth.

Hence, if the swelling does not go down then the child needs some home remedies for swollen gums or a proper dental checkup for proper diagnosis.

Other Causes of Swollen Gums in Children:

1. Poor Dental Care: Improper care of the teeth permits the growth of bacteria in the mouth which can lead to swollen gums and tooth decay at early age. Treating it with some home remedies for swollen gums will be a good preventive measure.

2. Auto-Immune Disease in Some Kids: Some kids have swollen gums as a secondary disease to any other disease, mainly auto immune disease, such as diabetes. Children with Type 1 diabetes are prone to swelling gums. Children diagnosed with Kindler Syndrome as well as Down’s Syndrome also tend to develop swollen gums.

3. Low Levels of Vitamin C: Children with Vitamin C deficiency often develop inflammation in the gums leading to swollen gums. This can be prevented with home remedies for swollen gums as well.

4. Eating too many candies/sweets: At times children have candies which are hard and may cause trauma to the gums and lead to swollen gums.

5. Some Injury inside the mouth: A minor or major injury around the mouth area can traumatize the dental parts and cause to swollen of the gums.

6. Too much pressure while brushing: Sometimes children brush their teeth with lot of pressure and harshly. It causes bleeding of the gums and even swelling.

7. Scratching Teeth Unnecessarily: Some children may touch or scratch their teeth and gums out of habit which may irritate and cause inflammation of the gums.

Simple Home Remedies For Swollen Gums:

1. Brush Gently: One of the simplest home remedies for swollen gums is to educate or warm the child against things or activities which causes swelling in the gums, such as brushing with a gentle hand or avoiding hard candies. Teach your child how to brush the teeth gently, it will go a long way in promoting his dental health. Teach the child how to brush the teeth in gentle circular motion instead of rough to and fro motion. Circular motion is the best way to brush the teeth as it helps in cleaning every corner of the dental area. Home remedies for swollen gums like this is too simple yet effective.

2. Massage the Gums Gently: On the first sign of swelling, gently massage the gums of the children.

3. Use a Soft bristle toothbrush: Give you child a toothbrush with soft bristles. Check with the pharmacist before buying the toothbrush for your kid.

4. Salt + Mustard Oil Remedy: This is one of the common home remedies for swollen gums and it is extremely helpful. Just mix salt in a half a teaspoonful of mustard oil. Use this mixture like an ointment and massage the teeth and gums with it. Repeat three to four times in a day and see the difference yourself. This home cure also reduces bad breath.

5. Baking Soda Paste: Take half a teaspoon of baking soda and mix it in tooth paste and use this mix to brush the teeth of your child. This remedy helps in killing the bacteria on the teeth as well as the gums. Thus also reducing the swelling of gums.

6. Increase your Intake of Vitamin C: Vitamin C (Know more about the Richest Source of Vitamin C) is also one of the most effective home remedies for swollen gums. Give your child a Vitamin C rich diet as it helps in reducing the risk of dental problems. (Buy Amla Tablets for Vitamin C)

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