Are you a diabetic trying hard to control your blood sugar levels?
You will certainly find these yogasanas helpful!
Surprisingly, yoga is yet to become popular as a key management strategy for Diabetes amongst many of us. The diabetics among us should definitely know that yogis recommend certain asanas as a great weapon against those jumping blood sugar levels.
This is How Yoga Helps to Control Diabetes
Stress is identified as one of the oft-ignored factors contributing to diabetes. Yoga and pranayama are recommended as natural stress busters.

  • Regular practice of yoga keeps a check on weight gain. Weight gain has an impact on blood sugar levels.
  • Yoga helps to promote inner harmony and promotes relaxation.
  • It also ensures the optimal functioning of the endocrine glands enabling the body to use insulin effectively.
  • Diabetics often suffer from low immunity problems. They take longer to fight off common cold, flus and infections. Yoga enhances immunity and the disease-fighting power of the body.

There are many yoga poses which can help diabetics. However, we have compiled the top 6 ones which are popular and relatively easy to practise. I said “relatively easy” and not fairly simple. Don’t pick me on that. You surely need regular practice to do these 6 yoga poses and find their long term positive effects. Go easy on yourself, but never quit practice!
Being a diabetic, you should consult your doctor before beginning yoga practice.
1. Surya Namaskar ( The Sun Salutation)

One of the banes of diabetes is weight gain and more sadly, the inability to lose weight. Increasing visceral fat along with diabetes increases health risks. Surya Namaskar is a popular exercise that increases blood circulation in the body. In a diabetic, it enhances the administration of insulin in the body thereby helping him to regulate the blood sugar levels. It also helps to keep weight gain in check. Start practising from two times a day and increase the number slowly. Avoid stressing yourself out as you do it. Here is a beginner’s HOW-TO-DO video on Surya Namaskara. The instructor explains it admirably well for a starter!
2. Pachimottan Asana (The Posterior Stretching Pose)

This pose is known to help the optimal functioning of the vital organs like liver, pancreas and kidney. This is excellent for your digestive system as well. Learn HOW-T-DO it here!
3. Bhujang Asana (The Cobra Pose)

This asana is helps to improve the function of internal organs including liver, kidney, pancreas and gall bladder. It strengthens the digestive and the reproductive systems, eliminates constipation and is beneficial for the lungs and the heart. It aids to control diabetes and weight gain. This is HOW to do the Cobra Pose. I so much liked the instructor’s accent.
4. Bal Asana or Shishu Asana (The Child’s Pose)

A great pose which is easy to practise, the Child’s Pose is a transition between two yoga poses. Balasana is a great stress buster, which is the demand of the modern times. It rids of fatigue and, promotes calm and tranquility. In some cases of back pain, this pose is highly recommended by medical experts. Learn HOW-TO-DO Balasana.
5. Manduk Asana (The Frog Pose)

This asana helps to stimulate the pancreas and makes it healthy. And a healthy pancreas ensures insulin secretion and blood sugar regulation. Mandukasan can be practiced this way! Video.
6. Pranayama ( Deep Breathing Exercise)

Anulom Vilom (Alternate Nostril Breathing) is the simplest breath control exercise that you can practice as a diabetic. A great soother of the nervous system, Anulom Vilom strengthens the heart, helps to regulate cholesterol levels and refreshes the body and the mind. Thus, it shows a positive effective on the hormonal system and helps regulate blood sugar levels. Learn HOW-TO-DO Anulom Vilom through this expert video!
Gradually, you may also learn advanced yogasanas like Vakrasan, Ardh Matsyndrasan, Dhanurasan (Bow pose) to check diabetes. That said, you should begin with the beginner’s yoga poses and build in your practice from there.
As they say, yoga is a way of life. Learn and enjoy!
Caution: Do not begin yoga practice without consulting your doctor if you suffer from any injuries or underlying conditions like sciatica, kidney disease, hypertension and more. If you are pregnant avoid practice unless advised. Yoga or any strenuous exercise is best avoided during menstruation.

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