I know that’s a very tempting thing that you see in the picture above. All of us fall in for temptations.

Let us check out the sugar dynamics. Your body breaks down sugar into two types of sugars before it is assimilated into your bloodstream. These two types of sugars are called glucose and fructose. You cells need glucose. Even if you don’t take it from external sources, your body will produce glucose. Fructose is not naturally produced and you can run without it. If fructose is not burned with exercising, it gets converted into glycogen and gets stored in your liver. Too much glycogen gets converted into fat and makes you ill.

Added sugar is the worst possible thing you can add to your diet.

Here are 7 reasons why you should go sugar free:

# Sugar is packed with empty calories:

You must have heard it many times earlier that added sugar is just empty calories. It implies that it has zero nutritional value. It has no minerals, vitamins or any other nutrient. It just gives a temporary energy burst that leaves you craving for more sugar after a couple of hours. If your calorie intake is more than 20% of the entire calorie intake per day, it can make you deficient in many nutrients. What’s more, it can leave you pot bellied if you do not expend all those extra calories.

It is capable of ruining your smile. Sugar is easily digestible for the bacteria in your mouth. It can cause gum and tooth decay, cavities and lead to bad mouth odour. Make sure you brush your teeth after consuming sweets.

# It can overload your liver:

If you do not have an active lifestyle, you may cause an imbalance in demand and supply of sugar consumption. If you consume more calories than you expend, it can cause a strain on your liver. Your body does not need fructose. If too much fructose is produced, it is stored as glycogen in your liver. Too much of it gets converted into fat. This may cause Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver (NAFLD).

# It can harm your heart health:

If you thought only salt leads to high blood sugar that led to heart diseases, you are wrong. Too much sugar causes fatty liver disease. It leads to increase in bad cholesterol in your body. Too much LDL cholesterol leads to blocked arteries and restricted blood flow to the heart. It can lead to heart related ailments. It can be simply avoided by cutting out sugary foods from your diet.

# It makes you out of shape:

It is not only the French fries that make you go overweight. Chocolates, shakes, ice creams, cakes are a few of the sugary items that load your system with excessive calories. Too much fructose is the real culprit. Excess of fructose makes you leptin resistant.

Leptin is the hormone that signals your brain when your tummy is full. When your body becomes resistant to leptin, the brain does not get the message that you have had enough food. It makes you eat more than necessary and leads to obesity eventually.

It is more important to inculcate good eating habits in kids. Do not expose kids to carbonated drinks, packaged fruit juices, sweets, chocolates etc. Limit the intake of sugary stuff as it may lead to childhood obesity which is very common in city bred kids these days. So, if you notice that you have been feeling hungrier than before and have put on some weight, watch out for the sugared foods.

# It can cause insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes:

Too much sugar intake causes insulin resistance. Insulin is a hormone that signals the cells to absorb glucose for energy. When cells become resistant to insulin, the cells cannot take in glucose. It makes glucose, amino acids and fatty acids to move out of the cells and spike blood sugar levels. Insulin resistance leads to high blood sugar and eventually causes type 2 diabetes.

Other repercussions of high blood sugar are increase in triglycerides levels, risk of heart ailments, high blood pressure, increased hunger, weight gain and even depression.

# It leaves you craving for more sugar:

Sugar gives you an instant energy rush. It helps release dopamine that makes you feel good. But it lasts for a short while and leaves you craving for more. You never feel satiated enough after consuming sugary foods. It makes you reach out for the next cup of coffee or another doughnut to feel good again and again. Sugar is highly addictive in nature. The reason behind it is simple. Fructose does not decrease the hunger inducing hormone and leaves you unsatiated. You tend to binge on more sugar or carbs that makes you consume more calories than your body needs. You end gaining more weight and diseases.

# It makes you age early:

Consuming sugary stuff brings on signs of ageing early like wrinkles on skin, weakened immunity etc. It even adversely affects your memory and may lead to cognitive illnesses. In fact it induces insulin resistance in the body that enhances the risk of cancer.

Now that you are aware of the nuisance value of sugar content in your daily life, make your choices wisely. Cut down on unnecessary sugared products.

Find better alternatives of sugar like jaggery or honey in moderation in place of white sugar. Eat fruits instead of biscuits as snacks as their glucose is better assimilated by the body. Read the content chart imprinted on the packaged food items before buying them. Sometimes we consume sugar in hidden forms in packaged items. Decide if you want extra sugar or not.

Adopt an active lifestyle. Get started with your choice of fitness regimen. Ideas? Walking, jogging, Zumba dancing, kick boxing, pilates and yoga and whatever keeps you moving. Eat mindfully and burn the extra calories to pump out the excess of sugar from your body.

Keep out sugar from your diet and stay healthy!