Is drinking a glass of wine regularly a matter to fuss about?

When my friend said that her husband has taken to drinking I was worried. I was concerned about her and the future of her infant son. She explained to me that her husband is enjoying the drink almost daily and when he has a company he is out of control. I had nearly envisioned rows of expensive Scotches and Whiskeys embellishing her cabinet when she talked about her plan of throwing all the wine bottles in to the trash. I felt relieved at the same time was amused to know that it was only wine that he has been drinking. Then the thought overcame me: is it safe and healthy to drink wine everyday?

Consumption of alcohol can have a negative impact on health. In spite of knowing their hazardous effects the per capita consumption of smoke and alcohol is ever on the increase. Alcoholic addiction can cause many health risks including Liver cirrhosis, Cancer, Strokes, Hypertension, Neurological and Mental disorder, Impotence and Fertility problems. Well, this is regardless of the social problems it can lead to like road accidents, drownings, fire mishaps and so on. The health risk of alcohol is due to the presence of ethanol, a molecule that directly affects the stomach, brain, heart, gall bladder, liver and also the lipid and insulin levels in the blood.But you can enjoy your share of alcohol as a responsible drinker. In the USA, the recommended dosage of alcohol for men are no more than two drinks per day while for women it is no more than one drink per day. And moderate drinking on a daily basis is healthier than drinking heavily on weekends. Now, coming down to wine, the recommended dosage of wine as equal to a drink is 5 ounces which is 12-14% of alcohol.

If you are looking for an answer to the question on the top, it is a big โ€œnoโ€. But another big โ€œnoโ€ to excessive drinking.

Latest Studies: If alcohol reduced the threats of certain cancers like thyroid cancer, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer) some reports stress that daily alcohol consumption (including wine) in women can lead to mouth and throat cancers, and also cancer in the esophagus, larynx, rectum, liver and breast. There seem to be contradictions everywhere.

However going by the old theories, moderate consumption of alcohol is good for your body for some people. But a a little wine with your food can have great effects on your body. Wine is not just spirit and it can really help you lose weight, reduce forgetfulness, boost your immunity, and help prevent bone loss.

  1. Red wine contains polyphenols which can prevent heart diseases. Polyphenols can also fight cancers. But in order to prevent cancer with red wine polyphenols, you will need to drink at least a bottle a day, which can have other hazardous effects on the body.
  2. It can raise the HDL cholesterols in the blood, enhance the absorption of antioxidants in the food and can help with fat metabolism. Thus, wine may play a role in weight loss.
  3. Wine enhances memory. The unclogging of arteries by the alcohol will not only prevent clots, it will also feed your brain. Not to mention that this does increase your life span.
  4. Wine lovers will have tuned-up bodies unlike regular drinkers of liquor. They do not have protruding tummies or huge waists.
  5. They normally sleep tight.
  6. Wine will boost your immunity and will tolerate less of bacterial disorders, food poisoning and the like.
  7. Scientists also claim that they have seen wine ( thanks to the antioxidants or phytoestrogens) protect women against ovarian cancer to a great extent.

However, this article does not recommend the use of wine to one and all. In adults below the age of 40, wine may not be expected to bring dramatic results. It is so because at that age, they outweigh the risk of alcohol-related diseases but are are at a higher risk of having accidents caused by alcoholism. It may work for older people who are more susceptible to strokes, heart diseases or cirrhosis.

I know! You want to know which wine is better, red or wine. Letโ€™s discuss that in another article.

-Aparna K V

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