If you have breast cancer then you have to make sure that you do not define yourself or let anyone else define you by you medical condition. Breast cancer can be quite depressing and the medical treatment tears one apart. But you know in your heart that you are a survivor… so take the best care of your health, pamper yourself, gather your spirits and strive towards a healthy future.

Here are seven tips that will help you take better care of yourself while you undergo treatment for breast cancer:

1. Nutritious diet and increased fluid intake
Food and fluids are your best aids while you undergo treatment. They will help you maintain your strength as well as reduce the magnitude of possible side effects. The treatment causes dehydration in some patients, so drink plenty of water. Avoid alcoholic drinks and caffeinated drinks. Gorge more on plant proteins as they are easy to digest. To maintain optimum weight include more of dairy products and eggs in your diet.

2. Get help from your friends and family
Don’t try and do everything yourself, this is not the time to prove how self reliant you are. Take help from family and friends in doing your daily chores. Just relax at home and take this time watch your favourite movies and read books.

3. Keep your body moving
Simple exercises can help you fend off anaemia by enhancing your oxygen levels as well as your RBC count. This will improve your blood circulation and help you with speedy recovery.

4. Turn to meditation
The treatment, healthy food and exercises will help your body recover but you need something else that helps your mind recover. The treatment can be quite saddening at times but spirituality will keep the negative thoughts at bay. Try practicing some simple meditation techniques.

5. Take good care of your hair and skin
The treatment of breast cancer dehydrates the skin and makes it dull. While taking a bath use glycerin soap and pat yourself dry instead of rubbing with the towel. Use a good moisturiser and gentle skin products. You can even massage yourself with baby oil or olive oil. Do not expose your skin too often to the sun and use a good sun-protective cream every time you step out. If you have hair or your hair is growing back then use a gentle shampoo and massage your head with very gentle hands with coconut oil before washing your hair.

6. Maintain records, ask questions and stay informed
Be well aware of what is happening in your treatment. Understand as much as possible. Keep a notepad handy to track your everyday developments, ask the doctor for a copy of your reports every time. Do not throw away your bills and other records. If in case you think about taking a second opinion then you will have everything ready. These records will also help you while filing claims for your health insurance. Surf the net for more information on breast cancer. Look for successful alternate cures but do consult your doctor before you consider one.

7. Express yourself
Breast cancer treatment will make you emotionally vulnerable at times. It is OK! Don’t fight with your emotions, let them out. Talk to a friend or write a diary. If you have a creative instinct in you then bring out the artist inside you. This artist will help you creatively get rid of your emotional blocks.

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