Take a deep breath. Count till four as you inhale. Exhale gently counting up to eight.
Cricket is again in the air!
Take a cleansing breath.
You can’t disagree with me if I say that this cricket season, its sheer entertainment. It’s IPL. Gary Kirsten, the World Winning Coach of Indian Cricket Team is bang on when he said IPL is different from International Cricket. We can guess what he probably meant. IPL is well-liked by the cricket lovers for varied reasons. IPL is fast cricket. The innings are short making the performance power packed. IPL has lots of matches going on one after another. And, you get to watch your favourite celebrities in action. It’s all about glamour you know. 🙂
All what you do these days is to sit on the couch and eat, drink and be merry. Result? A few extra pounds and lethargy.
Needless to mention, stress is a highly contributing factor to undesirable weight gain and other health hazards. Managing your stress levels is a key to good health and a happy life. A few simple things that help bust stress are nutritious foods, good company, regular physical (and mental) exercise, and engaging in your favorite hobbies and activities.
Why not use this awesome IPL season to unwind yourself and get fit?

  1. Drink two glasses of warm water on empty stomach every morning.
  2. Go for a refreshing walk for about twenty minutes. Walk at your own pace in a leisurely way. Or get on to your terrace and do 10 Surya Namaskaras. Go easy on yourself. Morning is the best time to breathe in fresh air, get some sun and relax!
  3. Skip your mid morning coffee. Have a glass of unsweetened lemon juice instead. Your body would welcome that burst of Vitamin C on a sunny day.
  4. Toss your fries and crispies for a bowl of poha/murmura for tea. Throw in some finely chopped veggies, a teaspoon of flax seed powder and a few crushed almonds to enjoy your healthy snack.
  5. Meditate whenever you get your “me time”. Be it home or work place, a short break for deep breathing would help your body rid of worries and anxiety.
  6. Watch this IPL with friends and family. Staying connected with your fellow beings is an amazing stress buster.
  7. Grab healthy snacks. Try THESE!
  8. Enjoy super smoothies to chill out. Find your recipes HERE!
  9. Try out these fun activities as you watch your game at home:
  • For every 4 that is hit, get up and do a couple of squats.
  • For every 6 scored, do a couple of tummy squeeze exercise.
  • For every catch that is dropped, do the Arm Lift.
  • For every run out, try the Back Stretch.
  • For every other wicket lost, grab a handful for dry roasted chickpeas (chana).
  • For every half century, do a Tadasana.
  • For every century, take warm unsweetened green tea.
  • At every commercial break, try deep breathing. Take a long deep breath and release it slowly.
  • Wind up the match and the day with Shavasana. Shavasana or the Corpse Pose is practised at the end of a yoga session or any activity to promote relaxation. It can calm down the whole of the body and the mind.

Now you know some cool tips to make IPL your free tool to bust fat. This was a simple mantra to overcome weight gain, hot weather, the daily grind and those year ending drudgeries. Put out everything else of your minds and enjoy cricket passionately.
Cheers to IPL! Cheers to good health!
Hey! You have just 32 more days to go.