Diet control is crucial in keeping Diabetes under check. Some foods are healthy for diabetics as they help balance blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of complications.

  1. All kinds of beans are a diabetics saviour when it comes to satiating the body’s need for high-quality carbohydrates and lean protein. It also contains high amount of dietary and soluble fibre that helps stabilise body’s blood-sugar levels.
  2. The fibre rich oatmeal is also a wise choice. A low glycemic index food, it slows the absorption of glucose from food in the stomach and thereby prevents the shooting up of blood sugar levels.
  3. You can pair fresh fish (catfish, cod, tilapia) with high quality carbs found in lentils and veggies.
  4. Studies have shown that almonds can improve diabetes control as they are magnesium rich foods. Munch on the unsalted ones!
  5. If there’s one veggie that’s a diabetics good friend, it undoubtedly is broccoli. Packed with vitamins and minerals and rich in fibre it must be a regular item of a diabetes meal plan.

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