Flax seeds are small edible seeds but there is nothing small about the huge benefits it has on our health. Flaxseed was discovered in 5,000 BC and for a long time the seeds were worshipped for their medicinal uses. For hundreds and thousands of years, flaxseed has been known and used to heal skin problems, improve vitality, cure intestinal problems as well as enhance overall health.

Here are 9 reasons why you must have flaxseed everyday:

1. Loaded with minerals:
Minerals help in proper nourishment of the bones as well as provide you with energy. Flaxseed has more than seven times the amount of potassium found in banana and more calcium than that present in an average cup of skimmed milk. Having half a cup of flaxseed everyday will nourish you with 831 mg of Potassium, 431 mg of Magnesium, 236 mg of Calcium and 112 mcg of folic acid.

2. Used in Prevention and Treatment of Cancer and Other Major Ailments
Flaxseed is rich in lignans. Lignans have been scientifically researched and proved to have cancer fighting ability. It is especially helpful in fighting hormone related cancers like breast, endometrium as well as prostrate. Lignans help with the excretion of harmful oestrogen, which leads to breast cancer. Lignans hampers testosterone binding which causes prostrate cancer.  Half a cup of flaxseed has 53 mg of Lignans, higher than that present in any vegetable and fruit.

ADHD, Kidney diseases like SLE, obesity, anxiety and depression, bacterial infections, arthritis, HIV and AIDS, etc., are some of the other ailments for which flaxseed is used.  Other uses include treatment of sore throat, upper respiratory tract infections (URTI), and cough.

3. Builds up immunity
The Omega 3 and Lignans present in flaxseed helps strengthen immunity which protects you from getting flu.  Half a cup of flaxseed will provide you with fifty grams of Omega 3 everyday.

4. Helps with brain developments of small kids and the babies to be born
The omega three present in flaxseed has shown to be extremely effective in improving ratina and brain development in unborn babies and babies of lactating mothers. Pregnant mothers or lactating mothers should have half a cup of flaxseed everyday.

5. Helps you lose weight
The human body has unhealthy fat stuck to it which slows down metabolism and leads to obesity. The omega 3 fats from flaxseed helps in increasing the rate of metabolism. Flaxseeds are also rich in fibre as well as protein which makes your stomach feel full sooner.

6. Aids constipation
Half a cup of flaxseed provides you with 27 grams of fibre and 50 grams of Omega 3. Fibre and Omega 3 together helps clear the bowel and heal the intestines.

7. Helps in blood sugar control
The protein as well as fibre present in flaxseed helps in keeping the blood sugar levels under control all day long.

8. Reduces the risk of heart ailments
Flaxseeds helps in reducing tryglicerides and increasing HDL, reduce platelet reactivity which ultimately helps one keep the several heart diseases at bay.

9. Reduces inflammation
The omega 3 present in flaxseed stops inflammation by reducing inflammatory cytokines which helps in preventing inflammation related conditions such as migraines, heart diseases, arthritis, psoriasis and several allergies.

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