Living a healthy and happy life needs work on your part. You can’t spend all your day playing video games or lying down in the bed and then expecting a good health for life. That is unrealistic! What is realistic though is to get up early, do your yoga and make habits that contribute to a healthy body and long life. Thankfully, there are many ayurvedic remedies that can be followed for better physical and mental health. What remedies are we talking about? Check out here-

  1. Wake up early. If possible, around two hours before sunrise. This is to make sure your body functions in accordance with the sun’s rhythm. During this time, the environment is also cool and calm. There is freshness all around, and the air you breathe in is not contaminated with pollutants.
  2. Another amazing way to increase your longevity is by eating right. Take plenty of fruits and vegetables and stay away from fried food. Avoid drinking chilled water during meals, as it dilutes the digestive juices. Remember, you are what you eat. And it holds true beyond question.
  3. Practice oil pulling every single day, in the morning. It is a great way to strengthen your teeth and gums in addition to detoxifying your body. According to Ayurved, sesame oil is ideal for oil pulling.
  4. Never spend a day without exercising. Your body needs to keep moving to stay in shape and in a good state. People living sedentary lifestyle, that is why, fall sick easily. Stick to any routine of your choice but make sure you maintain great consistency.
  5. Drink warm water. In fact, sip on it throughout the day. When we consume food that is not good for the body, it creates ‘ama’ or toxins, which are hard to eliminate. Since ama is cold in nature, its production gets evened out and its effects get nullified by drinking hot or warm water at regular intervals.
  6. If your tongue is generally pink, your body is not accumulating toxins. But in case, your tongue remains covered with a white layer, then toxins are getting accumulated in the body. To get rid of them, scrape and clean your tongue regularly.
  7. It is your brain that is at the helm of all the affairs going on inside your body. And that is why keeping it nourished is extremely important. For the best results, you can include ghee or clarified butter in your diet. It will not just make your food taste delicious, but will also take care of your brain and bone joints.
  8. Having proper sleep at night is not just important for physical benefits but also your meal wellbeing. And that is why you should sleep early at night. The extended deadline should not go beyond 10 pm.
  9. Spices have been in use for many-many years now. Thankfully, many of them have disease-fighting properties. So, taking them sure increases your lifeline.

Aren’t these some really amazing tips on how to lead a beautiful long life? Well, why not! So, without any delay, start following these tips for good results.

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