A Promising New Breakthrough Alzheimer’s Treatment: A Review

Alzheimer’s is a geriatric neurodegenerative disease which affects the memory of an individual. Currently, there is no permanent cure for Alzheimer’s.

FDA approved medicines can improve the memory and thinking ability of the patients temporarily by enhancing the performance of chemicals in the brain that carry information from one brain cell to the other. But, these medicines do not treat the underlying cause of Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s progresses gradually due to death of brain cells. Many drugs which are in the process of development targets to slow down or to stop this progression. Early intervention is needed before there is extensive and irreversible damage to brain cells.

The pathology involved in Alzheimer’s are amyloid plaques formation and neurofibrillary tangles. Inflammation, uncontrolled sugar and cholesterol levels and oxidative stress due to free radicals precipitates it further.  Plaque is nothing but patch like covering on the brain surface.

A potential breakthrough new Alzheimer’s treatment claims to fully restore memory function has been tested successfully in animals.  This treatment uses the non-invasive beam of ultrasound like a knife to remove these plaques. When the plaques are removed the brain cells can communicate as before with the chemicals and restore the memory.

This new treatment holds promise and can be a boon to patients suffering from Alzheimer's. But it has to a long way to go!  It has to undergo the different phases of human clinical trials for FDA approval before it can reach patients. And we don't know how cost-effective it will be when it reach the market.

Definitely the bad impact of inflammation, uncontrolled diabetes, cholesterol and oxidative stress that are some of the causative factors of Alzheimer’s,  can be prevented with a healthy diet, natural herbal supplements, exercise, yoga and meditation.

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