A painful joint is no fun. It can be the result of arthritis or a sports injury the most common cases. It usually affects your joints like knee, elbow, wrist, finger, groin or ankle giving you acute pain, stiffness and reddish tenderness.

Your body part can get inflamed as the the body’s immune system tries to protect the  body from any kind of infection. But when your immune system cheats you out without any real foreign invade creating an “autoinflammation” due to some medical conditions you feel joint pain. Such a joint pain is what we call arthritis or gout. There is an increased blood flow to the spot with the release of chemicals from the white blood cells called “cytokines” to protect the body from external invaders. This causes warmth and redness and any leak of fluid explains the swelling.

It is advisable to contact your health care provider if you get a joint pain without any real cause and cannot be alleviated with pain killers. Detecting the cause is vital to the treatment of the problem. Home remedies can be tried while you wait for your appointment.

  • Get some quality rest. Elevate the area inflamed and get enough rest for a week or so. If you observe, an arthritic pain shouldn’t exceed a week.
  • Watch out for medicines that may cause a joint pain. Ask your doctor about it.
  • Drink enough water to get rid or uric acid build up that can trigger off gout.
  • Avoid foods with purines. Purine rich foods like sardines, beer, organ meat, mushrooms, legumes, yeast and more are rich in uric acid.
  • Eat fish and fresh water fish for best results. You need omega-3s as they have great anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Ask your doctor about taking ginger if you have any other medical condition.
  • Calcium, vitamin C and zinc can help to reduce the pain.
  • Rub the joints with honey  for 10 minutes before bed time and put cabbage leaf on top and wrap with a warm cloth. Leave it overnight.
  • Do not massage as it may aggravate the problem.
  • Look for natural remedy with Arnica (6c), Dulcamara (6C) and Rhus tox (30C). These are homeopathic ingredients that can relieve you from the shooting pain, inflammation and any musculoskeletal problems.

Once you get your appointment you may want to make a list of things to ask your doctor.

  • Go for a swim! Swimming is a great exercise to fortify your muscles without adding pressure to your joints.
  • Get help on the herbs you can choose to help your pain and swelling.
  • Ask the expert for a tip to reduce weight if you are overweight.

If you are a sports person remember to warm up, cool down and do stretching exercises. Know when to quit. This will save you from adding on to your injuries.

-AparnA K V
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