The Importance of Respiratory Health

What if I told you that the air you breathe is not really healthy?

We won’t be on this beautiful earth if not for our breath. Thanks to your respiratory system which is functional all the time. Apart from breathing, you need the healthy functioning of your respiratory system to talk, to laugh and cry, to sing and whistle, play wind instruments like mouth organ, flute etc. and to yawn and even to snore. To enjoy a good night’s sleep you need to breath nicely. The respiratory system also does the necessary filtration of any unwanted substance that tries to enter your body.

We have our air around us so taken for granted that we hardly notice it or give it its due importance. We hardly hear of anyone who died of starvation of air. But every year a good number of babies and infants die of lung diseases  and other conditions that affect their breathing. Then, why do we neglect or respiratory health so much?

Breathing is not only keeps you alive but also healthy breathing can assist with general relaxation, manage discomforts and boost up your energy level. And that’s why you take a couple of deep breaths to ease out any tension or stress. I would not ask you to trust all the ads that you see on the T. V. They simply make you believe that you live a highly polluted environment to lure you into buying their products. Yet, it is true that your environment is polluted. What should concern you more is your indoor pollution than anything else. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers indoor pollutants as a top environmental risk to health. Passive smoking is a health deterrent that causes cancer in a shocking number of nonsmokers and children every year.

What I mean to say is that you really need to take care of your lungs and the respiratory system.

  • Avoid air pollution. Keep yourself away from all the poisonous fumes and airborne substances. Some ingredients in your cosmetics and toiletries can be hazardous to your respiratory health.
  • Practice good hygiene to prevent infections. Discard and destroy all used tissues and paper towels.
  • Pay special attention to the indoor hygiene because most of you spend long hours at home or office. Keep the place clean and dust-free. Use humidifiers and air fresheners when necessary.
  • Keep the nasal passage clean and breathe through your nose.
  • Do not forget to clean or replace your filters and to clean your air conditioners, humidifiers, chimneys and the like regularly.
  • Molds also lead to lung diseases and conditions like asthma, bronchitis and allergies. A damp indoor environment can develop molds which are highly hazardous to the health of children. Keep your house dry and well ventilated. Use exhaust fans and reduce condensation in the refrigerator.
  • Maintain the right room temperature and moisture level.
  • Hobbies of children should be monitored by adults to prevent the formation of toxic fumes or substances.
  • Also, many household cleaning agents are not lung-friendly. Ammonia, chlorine- bleach and vinegar do not get along. It is better not to experiment with chemicals.
  • Ask your family member politely to smoke outside the house. If someone is smoking near you, avoid passive smoking by all means.
  • Consult a doctor on persistent cough and breathing problems.
  • Above all, learn to breathe correctly. Pranayama may come handy to promote respiratory health.

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