7 Tips to Live With Arthritis

Pic Credit: westonmedicalhealth.com

Is your arthritic condition making it difficult to go around your home without grimacing with joint pain? If you have arthritis, you should adapt your home to make living easier for you. Here are simple steps you can take to make your abode well adapted to your condition:

  1. Choose high chairs so that your knees don’t buckle under pressure while getting up. Have back rest to support your back while sitting.
  2. Make space between furniture to move around easily without maneuvering too much around them.
  3. Keep the kitchen cabinets at eye level so that you don’t have to reach up or bend to access things.
  4. Install grab bars next to bath tubs, toilet seats and staircases for support.
  5. Have faucets with long handles to avoid the effort of turning knobs.
  6. Install push down handles instead of knobs in the doors to avoid straining your fingers.
  7. Remove rugs and carpets to prevent tripping up on them.

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