healthy life for pcosIf you are a woman with long stressful hours at work, then your chances of getting PCOS are high. When women seek treatment for conceiving their cause of infertility mostly traces back to PCOS in their teenage years. An awareness drive ‘Maitreyi’ took place in Pune by the city doctors to counsel girls and help them detect the problem early. Obesity, unhealthy lifestyle and lack of exercise are responsible for it. The trick is to work out and have a proper diet to cut down the risk factors at the earliest.


Internal medicines useful in PCOS

picoshunya for pcos

Picoshunya is aimed at treating the specific symptoms of PCOS.  It targets the reduction of male hormones, optimization of the ovarian functions and improvement of endocrine functions – all of which are responsible for PCOS.  Kanchanar Guggulu is a proven remedy to remove growths, swelling, and lumps like fibroids and cysts.

Benefits of Picoshunya (for PCOD):

1. Promotes ovulation

2. Corrects irregular periods, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOD)

3. Enhances fertility

4. Eliminates cysts.

Dosage :

1 or 2 tablets twice daily or as suggested by the physician.


  • Minimise the quantity of milk intake. Avoid curds and other milk products. Drink well churned butter milk.
  • Avoid day sleep and waking up at night times.
  • Avoid junk and non-vegetarian foods (You can eat fish occasionally)
  • Use garlic, fennel seeds, sesame seeds regularly in cooking.
  • Drink a detoxifying Tea like the Spearmint Infusion Tea