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The recent spell of smog and growing respiratory problems has highlighted one thing very strongly: the air we breathe is no longer safe. With pollution levels in major cities already several times above the safe limit, the time has come to take immediate steps to solve this problem. Part of the solution is long-term: having enough political will to curb the number of vehicles or push for more efficient transport solutions. Until that happens, the onus is on each one of us to take care of our families. The one ray of hope that appears feasible in the short term is air purifiers. And in case you’re wondering whether they are really effective and which air purifier to buy, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to understand the air purifier benefits that will prevent your health from being affected by the external environment.

How does an air purifier operate?

 As the name suggests, an air purifier cleanses the air in its surroundings by removing harmful particles. Think of it as a device that attracts dust particles, tobacco constituents, pollen, smoke particles, etc., from the air and traps them inside it, rendering the surrounding air cleaner. There are several underlying technologies on which air purifiers work, such as Activated Carbon, Photocatalytic Oxidation, Ionizing, Ozone Generation, etc., but you don’t need to dive into the details.
 Do air purifiers work? Of course! Air purifiers are nothing new. In fact, they have been in use in hospitals for a long time now. It’s just that the need to commercialize them for common use has just now surged–and rather suddenly at that!–which makes them sound like all-hype. Air purifier benefits are quite underrated and should be spoken about more to create awareness of the same.

What to keep in mind while buying an air purifier for home

 Selecting an air purifier isn’t as simple as placing an order and making the payment. Some important parameters need to be kept in mind. One such metric is the Air Change Per Hour (ACH) rate. This is the rate at which the purifier can “overhaul” the air of its surroundings. So, a purifier with the ACH value of 4 can cleanse the entire air of the area four times in an hour. Why this matters is related to your need: if there are patients with Asthma or other respiratory problems at home, then an ACH value below 4 is dangerous.
 Equally importantly, when buying air purifier for home, you need to consider the area associated with the ACH value. Air purifiers also mention the size of the room in relation to the ACH value, which is important if you want to ensure high quality of air.
Finally, know that many of the features offered by air purifier companies are merely conveniences. Whether you need a stylish design and digital controls is up to you, but doesn’t matter when it comes to the core task of purifying air.

Popular air purifiers in the market

The market is flooded with air purifiers at the moment. As such, it can be overwhelming to choose one for your home use. That’s why we have picked up  the most popular purifiers to help you understand the merits of each:

1. Kent Ozone Room Air Purifier  Review

This purifier is based on the Ozone Generation principle. Since it has no filter, it doesn’t require servicing and change of parts. But you’ll do well to note that it’s not an air purifier in the popularly understood sense: all it does is produce Ozone, which is a highly reactive gas and serves to remove bacteria, etc., from the air. It doesn’t deal with suspended particles, smoke, etc., and as such isn’t sufficient for patients suffering from respiratory problems. A great draw for this purifier is its small size and pleasing design, and people who are conscious of space utilization will like it.
Price : Rs 2000 – 3000/-

You can buy it here from Amazon
kent ozone - air purifier benefits

2. Philips AC4025 40-Watt Air Purifier Review

This air purifier is based on the HEPA technology and also uses carbon air filters to purify the air. One of its main benefits is the removal of dust particles from the air. The thing to note is that this purifier was designed to operate in an area of 323 square feet only. If you need to cover larger areas, you should at higher end models like the AC2882 or the AC3256. One consideration is price – at Rs. 16,000+ for the basic model, the Philips AC series of purifiers is not exactly cost-effective.
Price : Rs 15,000 – 17,000/-

You can buy it here from Amazon.
philips ac4025 - air purifier for home
3. Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 43-Watt Air Purifier Review
This purifier is one of the best deals available in the market right now. It includes several type of purifying mechanisms, such as pre-filtering, HEPA filter, anti-bacterial filter, ionizer, etc., making it capable of tackling a large range of impurities. The Beta 350 air purifier is also much more cost effective (at around Rs. 14,000) than other offerings in the market, making it a great choice.
Price : Rs 13,000 – 15,000/-

You can buy it here from Amazon.
atlanta healthcare beta 350-43 - air purifier for home

4. Philips AC4014 36-Watt Air Purifier Review

The AC4014 is a higher-end version of the AC4025 purifier already discussed.It can clean a larger area (592 square feet) than the AC4025 and also has an air quality indicator. This model also introduces some conveniences like auto mode, sleep mode, etc.
Price : Rs 26,000 – 29,000/-
You can buy it here from Amazon.
philips ac4014-36 - air purifier benefits

5. Honeywell Air Touch HAC35M1101G Air Purifier Review

The Honeywell HAC35M1101G is a top-of-the-line, high performance air purifier. It features the latest grade H11 HEPA filter, which is much more capable than its earlier versions. It cleans air at an impressive rate of 300 cubic meters per hour, and can deal with areas up to 450 square feet. This is more than enough for the average modern house, and this purifier has received a lot of praise. Price is a concern, though, as this purifier is selling for around Rs. 28,000.
Price : Rs 30,000 – 33,000/-
You can buy it here from Amazon.
honeywell-air-touch-hac35m1101g - air purifier for home

6. Panasonic F-PXF35MKU(D) 20-Watt Air Purifier Review

Panasonic has released this purifier based on a new purification technology: the nanoe. A nanoe is a charged water particle, which is able to react with air impurities and remove them. According to the company, a nanoe has six times more life than an ion. At an affordable price point of around Rs. 18,000 this air purifier is a good bet.
Price : Rs 17,000 – 19,000/-
You can buy it here from Amazon.
panasonic f-pxf35mkud-20-watt - air purifier for home

7. Daikin Air Purifier Streamer Review

A trusted name in air conditioners, Daikin has launched a worthy product with this air purifier. Fitted with an electrostatic and photocatalytic filter, this purifier removes odor and impurities alike. It can work with areas up to 600 square feet, and hence is good for spacious rooms.
Price : Rs 21,000 – 24,000/-
You can buy it here from Amazon.
daikin - air purifier for home

8. 35 Watt Wintech Air Purifier Review

Another purifier worth considering is the Wintech Air Purifier. At 35 Watts, it’s quite energy-efficient, and also features six levels of purification. It’s also attractively priced at around Rs. 13,000 (prices are indicative only and may vary).
Price : Rs 14,000 – 16,000/-

You can buy it here from Amazon.
35-watt-wintech - air purifier benefits

9. Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier Review

Fitted with an odor sensor, this air purifier is based on Plasma Cluster Ion Generation technology, which the company claims mimics how nature works. The only problem is that at the price point of Rs. 18,000, the area covered it offers is quite low (230 square feet only).
Price : Unavailable
You can buy it here from Amazon.
sharp-plasmacluster - air purifier for home
The market is flooded with purifiers right now, but these models are worth considering if you’re planning on getting one. Do share the air purifier benefits and experiences with your friends and family. At the end of the day, what matters is not how many shiny feature your air purifier has, but whether it actually works. Stay safe, stay healthy!