Alert: Too Much of Red Meat Increases Diabetes Risk


A common advice given to diabetics is to control high carbs and sugar consumption in their diet. However, it must also be noted that avoiding meat is also very important.  Different studies done over many years has shown that meat-lovers could be at higher odds of diabetes. Loading up on burgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken sandwich and hamburgers is  associated with increasing the risk of Diabetes. People with diabetes are generally at an increased risk for heart disease. Therefore, they have to be more prudent in their food habits as eating high-fat meats puts them at an even greater risk than the average person. It was also noted in one of the studies that the risk for developing Type 2 diabetes dropped significantly when people replaced their serving of meat with a serving of nuts. Meat eaters usually consume more dietary fat and less of fiber. More amount of dietary fat leads to increased storage of fat inside cells. This makes the cells resistant to insulin. Also, intake of meat based diets damages tissues and results in insulin resistance because of the preservatives added in them. 

To know more on why red meat is bad for diabetes read mindbodygreen.

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