I don’t have a day when I don’t get angry at the traffic and the jaywalkers. I find myself grumbling, “They walk on road as if they walk in a park.” But my anger is short-lived and once I am out of my difficulty I instantly forget it. During a fight, a friend got so angry that she threw her utensils and even broke her T. V.

We can perhaps guess the social consequences of anger. Aggressive behaviors can lead to destruction and isolation of the individual. But I would say, anger is not anything totally bad. Our primeval life was entirely dependent on two emotions, fear and anger. I have not met anyone in my life who does not get angry at all. Personally, I think that if your anger leads you to anything constructive in your life without harming anything or anybody then it is alright to be a little angry. If you do not get angry at all there is a tendency that people don’t take you seriously and you may have slight hiccups in your social life.  However, anger is not anything healthy and therefore, is not recommendable.

What one has to remember that anger can be as deadly as cyanide. It often leads to more anger and ends with hostility and grudges. That’s why it is so important to handle your anger instinctively and well.

Anger stresses you out. With stress, you have a rush of two hormones in your body, adrenaline and cortisol. Extreme stress would create excessive rushes which your brain might not able to handle. Chronic anger may lead to high blood pressure, heart problems and stroke. Other medical conditions like decreased insulin activity, chronic muscle spasms, intracranial pressure and palpitations are also found in angry people.

When you are angry at some one or something it is your own health that suffers. You feel frustrated and discontent all through. Some people get angry and they have to sleep with it. Sleep is said to enhance the pre-sleep emotions and you wake up with a nightmare or with a heart pouncing since you fell asleep worried or stressed out. You may get a heart attack, stroke or die in sleep. The key is to ease out your angry emotions before you sleep. Suppressing anger does not work too.

  • Anger is possibly an expression of fear itself. If you get angry often and take time to cool down it is better your practice some relaxation methods. There are many methods that you experiment with including, meditation, yoga, tapping technique and so on.
  • Be aware of what triggers you and keep away from it.
  • Try to develop a positive thinking about yourself and everything around you.
  • Have an open mind, compromise, forgive and let go things! Perfectionism won’t work with everything. Be ready to apologize when necessary.
  • Don’t take life too seriously. Enjoy each hour as it comes and see the lighter side of life.
  • If you get angry be aware of your responses. Take deep breaths and try if counting works. If you are past that stage then try to release that emotion in a harmless way.
  • Avoid flashbacks in the mind, negative thoughts and ruminating over the bad feelings. Do say STOP loudly to yourself when necessary.
  • Homeopathy recommends Nux vom (6C), Chamomilla (6C) and Lycopodium (6C) to address emotions causing anger, irritability and temper outbursts.

Handle your anger before it handles you!

-Aparna K V

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