No gender bias. It is the reality that males snore more than females do. Snoring is quite irritating especially when it disturbs your sleep. It disturbs the person who snores and anybody around him or her. It is a cause for sleeplessness for all concerned. Hence it is a Problem!

Like any sound, Snoring is also the result of vibration. If the throat and the nose are blocked during sleep, the air cannot find its way in or out though the narrow passage. There are some soft tissues in the back of the throat which become relaxed due to some factors. When air flows through they vibrate and result in harsh noises. Some people have heavy snoring while some have mild. Amusingly, even babies snore. Occasional snoring is said to be not dangerous. An end to snoring can begin a new chapter in your life. Curing this will not only help your sleep but perhaps your relationship too.

The main reason for snoring is the restrictions in the air passage. It can be due to many factors like a poor sleep posture, abnormal sleeping habits, health conditions or even fatigue.

  • Sleeping on your back leaves the muscles in your throat relaxed blocking the air passage.
  • Genes travel! A narrow air passage or physical conditions may get inherited.
  • Physical Conditions like an elongated uvula, an enlarged tonsils or a low, thick soft palate aids snoring.
  • Being overweight will give fatty tissues in the neck leading to snoring.
  • Age would matter as the growing age affects the muscles in the throat.
  • An obstructed nose also interferes with breathing resulting in noisy breathing.
  • Males have a narrower passage than females. So they snore in most cases.
  • Smokers! Smokers or passive smokers have relaxed muscles in the nose and lungs.
  • Being an alcoholic. Snoring is likely if you take alcohol before you sleep.
  • Certain medications lead to snoring too.
  • Well, snoring is a sleep disorder . At times, it is a symptom of sleep apnea.
  • Snoring is a botheration only when it disturbs everybodyโ€™s sleep and your relationships. Snoring is involuntary and is frustrating to the snorer.

Help yourself!

To an extent, you can consciously take steps and avoid snoring.

  • Avoiding poor sleep postures would be the first thing. Mild snorers can sleep on their chest or sides.
  • Reducing weight would be relevant.
  • And smokers need to quit smoking for sure.
  • Say no to alcohol in the night.
  • Remember, sedatives and antihistamines keep you snoring.
  • Take the help of nasal decongestants if you have an obstructed nose.

Though snoring is common in adults if it disturbs your sleep regularly consult a doctor. It is wise to talk to a paediatrician if your child snores.

-Aparna K V

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