A mother feels anxious if her child does not reach home in time. A grandmother frets if her daughter gets late from work to pick her grandchild. A husband may find himself too anxious if his wife drives the car.  We really don’t need reasons to feel anxious about something or the other. Anxiety is a typical response to stress and enables us to ease through our predicament. It has many manifestations like phobias, panic attacks and more.

Use of certain herbs is found to have positive results on anxiety. They gained popularity with the common belief that they natural, safe and are a cheaper alternative to expensive drugs. They are also administered along with other supplements or therapies depending on the patient’s requirement. Most often, natural herbs are the best way to calm you down, prevent depression and ward off insomnia- all of which go along with anxiety.

1. Passion Flower The unique calming properties of passion flower soothes your anxiety and also eases your body tremors from fear. It alleviates pain, enhances sleep, reduces occasional nervousness and decreases the chances of depression and panic attacks.
2. St. John’s Wort – This herb is available as a tincture, pill or a capsule. Doses need the recommendation of a herbalist. St John’s Wort is potent enough to treat the effects of depression, though gradually, and also helps to promote the balance of the neurotransmitters. Yet, it has a shortcoming as it makes the patient’s skin photosensitive requiring him to apply sunblocks to prevent sun burn. It also interferes with other medications like antidepressants and birth control pills complicating the affair.
3.  Lavender – Lavender is perhaps the most popular of all the stress-relievers as it is also used for a calming spa or facial. It is a great tonic for panic attacks and soothes your nervous system in all the way it can.
4.  Valerian – This herb would significantly mean rest. A natural sedative, valerian encourages sleep and relieves insomnia and nervous tension. Some users may take a week or more to find its soothing action effective.
5.   Lemon Balm –  Used in combination with Valerian, Chamomile or Passion flower, Lemon Balm is seen to have great soothing properties on the digestive and nervous system.
6.   Chamomile – Chamomile hardly needs an introduction. Chamomile teas users are ever on the increase. It reduces fever, promotes sleep, relieves anxiety and enhances the body’s metabolism.

Kava is yet another herb which was once highly sold in the markets. But there are uncertainties as to its negative effects on the liver and hence it is not popular now. However, before you try any of these on yourself you definitely need the assistance of a health care provider.

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