A good health unfortunately is not experienced by every human being on earth. Be it a man or a woman and people of all ages do face some kind of health related issue or contract disease at some point of time in their lives. The age of reasoning and modern science gave birth to conventional forms of medicines and treatments that generally used synthetic and chemical based ingredients. These were found to be only harmful as they caused side effects with regular usage and with time. People have realized this particular aspect and have been turning towards Ayurveda and Ayurvedic, which is being practiced for thousands of years in Asian countries. Its popularity as an alternative cure to various types of diseases including PCOS/PCOD has only increased with passage of time.

Know the symptoms

People facing this issue display symptoms and signs of PCOS like hair loss, facial hair, elevated levels of blood sugar, acne, irregular periods and digestive issues like bloating and flatulence. Polycystic ovaries can be identified through ultrasound examination. Also can be found slightly elevated thyroid hormone levels. Women who are eager to conceive and have contracted this ailment should first get it cured. The experts would prescribe few effective ayurvedic herbs to boost fertility and to treat hormonal imbalance. The truth is that ayurveda offers a holistic approach to treat this ailment, but without the side-effects that are generally noticed on taking allopathic medicines.

View of ayurvedic treatment for pcod

Ayurveda reasons for the cause of PCOS

According to Ayurveda, kapaha, pitta and vatta, the three ‘doshas’ or energy forces circulate within the body to facilitate crucial body functions. Any imbalance noticed in the three doshas, as per Ayurveda might lead to diseases.

Semen (shukra dhatu) is present in women and men according to Ayurvedic texts. The reproductive system health is maintained by Shukra Dhatu and is regarded as combination of female hormone (estrogen) and male hormone (androgen). Therefore, infertility is likely to be caused due to imbalance faced by Shukra dhatu.

Doshas facing imbalance also affects shukra dhatu’s efficiency. If affiance of shukra dhatu is affected by the doshas in women, then males hormones are produced in excess and leading to other PCOS systems like cysts appearing in the ovaries.

Therefore, PCOS ayurvedic treatment is similar to that of the other Ayurveda based treatments, which is to focus upon rectifying this imbalance found in the doshas.

Dos & Don’ts in Ayurveda for PCOS patients

  • Reduce consumption of dairy products including other milk based products and curd. But butter milk is good.
  • Natural sleep cycle should be maintained and day time sleeping is to be avoided. Uninterrupted night time sleep is to be promoted.
  • Avoid junk food of all types.
  • Reduce/eliminate white sugar
  • Use herbs like cinnamon, garlic, and fenugreek. Seeds of fenugreek when soaked overnight can work wonders to keep the blood sugar in complete control.
  • Non-vegetarian food should be avoided. Fish is to be consumed occasionally.
  • Consume ghee, comprising of essential healthy fats
  • Consume herbal teas like green tea spearmint tea

Following the above can help to stay safe and prevent PCOS/PCOD disease.