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It is highly important that you maintain dental hygiene to prevent your teeth from turning yellow or brown.

According to ayurveda, your mouth is the center of kapha dosha. The kapha dosha must not be marred because imbalance with the kapha dosha can cause oral troubles as well as yellow stains on your teeth. Ayurveda has prescribed various methods which can help attain whiteness of the teeth as well as maintain it for long years.

Foods That Effect Teeth Whitening. The Good, Bad and the Ugly!

Eat pungent and bitter foods : Pungent and bitter foods have astringent value which helps in keeping the teeth clean. They also reduce the plaque on teeth, hence protecting the teeth from losing its shiny glow.

Avoid sweet foods : Any sweet foods like chocolate, pudding etc are bad for teeth. Must take care to wash and gargle your mouth after having sugary foods. Also never sleep with sweet mouth.

Avoid tea, coffee and smoking : Drinking too much tea, coffee or regular smoking can cause staining of teeth because they contain strong alkaloids.

Herbs That Promote Teeth Health

  1. Basil (aka tulsi, Ocimum sanctum)Sun dried and powdered basil leaves when used for brushing teeth imparts oral hygiene and makes teeth gleaming white. Basil also wards off dental problems such as pyorrhea or bleeding of gums.
  2. Babul (aka Acacia arabica)In ancient India only babul twigs were used for brushing teeth. The tannin component in babul is excessively effective in teeth whitening. It is one of the best herb described in ayurveda for oral hygiene.
  3. Banyan (aka Ficus religiosa)Apart from babul, the aerial roots of this tree are also used for brushing teeth. The astringent properties present in babul roots make the gums healthier and teeth whiter.
  4. Margosa (aka neem, Azadirachtha indica)The neem twigs if used for brushing teeth can make the teeth whiter. Neem is rich in antiseptic and ayurvedic properties which helps treat cavities, kill germs accrued on teeth and fight bad breath.


Home Remedies

Instead of spending money on regular visits to the dentist, why not try these home remedies for whitening of teeth; the best that could happen is that you may never have to visit your dentist again.

  1. A mixture of babul wood charcoal mixed with roasted alum and rock salt when rubbed on teeth makes your teeth shiny white. Can be used instead of toothpaste.
  2. The orange peel is also rich in Vitamin C. An orange peel when rubbed on teeth before sleeping at night helps in fighting against germs all night long.
  3. Tomatoes and strawberries are also good sources of Vitamin C. Apply them directly on teeth for making them whiter and healthier.
  4. For teeth whitening, you can use sodium bicarbonate or baking soda to brush as a cheap alternative to expensive teeth whitening treatments. It replenishes the mineral content of teeth and makes them whiter. Read more on this at
  5. Salt mixed with mustard oil not only provides relief during tooth aches but also makes them bright and white.

Ayurvedic Tip

Paste of basil leaves when mixed with mustard oil makes an excellent toothpaste. By rubbing it on teeth you can get rid of plaque accumulated on teeth and make them whiter than they were ever before.

These tips and remedies are mere suggestions. Caution is advised while trying them as some herbs and alternatives may provoke allergic reactions in individuals.

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