Ayurvedic Management of Atopic Eczema

Atopic eczema is a skin disorder where your skin becomes dry, itchy with cracks and reddish discolouration. It usually affects children.

Causes for Atopic Eczema

  • Dry, sensitive and easily irritable skin.
  • Low immune power.
  • Bacterial infection.
  • Change in environmental condition.


Signs and Symptoms of Atopic Eczema

  • Severe itching.
  • Red rashes with fluid discharge.
  • Dry skin.
  • Scaly patches over elbows, knees, scalp, etc.
  • Sore cracks.


Ayurvedic Treatment for Atopic Eczema

Ayurvedic management of this condition involves intake of the following medicines:


These medicines have anti bacterial and blood purifying properties. It also helps to balance Pitta and kapha dosha which are the main doshas involved in this disease.

You can also undergo panchakarma therapies to cure the disease from the root and not just suppressing it for temporary relief.

Dos and Dont’s

  • Keep your skin well moisturised. Regularly apply oil or moisturiser.
  • Use warm water to take bath and avoid hot water.
  • Use gentle, mild soap or body wash or use natural cleanser like besan or Ayurvedic bathing powder.
  • Reduce your stress and anxiety with yoga, pranayama and meditation.
  • Avoid exposure to dry climate.
  • Use smooth, clean cotton clothes. Avoid tight, heavy and irritating clothes.
  • Avoid hot spicy, deep fried food items, curds, urad dal, non vegetarian food and day sleep.


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