An Ayurvedic Perspective on Liver Health

You may try the following home remedies for liver health:

  • Carrot juice is known to have benefits for jaundice
  • 4 gms of Indian gooseberry (Indian gooseberry) taken with water every day for 15-20 days helps regulate overall liver function.
  • Pomegranate, raisins, coconut water, sugar cane juice, etc. should be consumed regularly.


Avoid pickles, non-vegetarian diet, and heavy-oily food and salt.

Ayurveda for Liver Health

Ayurveda suggests usage of herbs like bhumyamalaki, bhringaraja, patola, vasa, guduchi, etc. for protection of the liver.  These herbs are generally indicated for all types of liver diseases.

Please refer to the following blog articles which mentions about natural ways to protect the liver.

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