Ayurveda is regarded to be a medicinal healing method that is being practiced for ages. It mentions numerous ways by which sperm quantity and quality can be increased. It is necessary to understand the reasons associated with low sperm count to increase it. This can vary from old age, stress, diseases like diabetes, wearing tight underpants, obesity and bathing in hot water. There is treatment available with Ayurveda to treat low sperm count that requires maintenance of the body balance.

How to increase sperm motility through Ayurveda

There are several ways by which ayurveda can help increase sperm quality and count naturally and quickly. There are recommended some ayurvedic herbs by the reputed practitioners that need to be taken regularly. Besides this, the person also needs to undertake regular exercise and maintain proper diet regimen. The herbs are called ‘vajikaran dravya’. It offers the desired stamina, energy and strength of a horse. Some of the ayurvedic natural items are as follows:

  • Shilajit: This potent sex supplement is a resin that grows in the Himalayas. This supplement is being used for centuries to enhance sperm quality and is time tested and completely safe. It also improves sperm count. It also keeps the person youthful due to its anti-aging properties. Hence, he is able to enjoy better sex for longer time.
  • Safed musli: A popular aphrodisiac is considered to be very much effective to enhance sexual strength. The herb is referred to as ‘herbal viagra’ due to its ability to improve physical stamina and sexual power in the person.
  • Ashwagandha: It is among the best aphrodisiac agents that can help enhance sexual stamina and also improves blood circulation. It fixes issues like sperm production and stamina and improves sexual health. The herb is called Indian ginseng due to its rejuvenating powers and to improve sex drive and vitality.
  • Ghee + sugar + milk: It is regarded to be a classic combination and is vital for improving sperm quality and count. Foods that are nutritious, fatty and sweet should be consumed to proivde the mind with immense pleasure. For instance, food items such as milk, ghee, urad dal, saathi rice, munnakka (black raisin), fish, eggs, etc. Ayurvedic texts such as the Charaka Samhita can be found to have these terms and treat premature ejaculation, oligospermia, impotence/erectile dysfunction, azoospermia and infertility.
  • Shatavari: It helps to improve sexual vitality and has been used for ages. With regular consumption, it makes it possible to prolong and improve erections and sexual arousal. It can also revitalize dramatically the person from different types of sexual dysfunctions, reduces inflammation faced in reproductive system and strengthens sexual organs. For oligospermia, the herb can be termed to be a definite winner and shows increase in testosterone level in males.

Indigestion causes ama toxin formation, which in turn blocks the channels that carry the semen, thus reducing sperm count. Well, it is best to contact Ayurveda experts for the right guidance and treatment on how to improve sperm motility with Ayurveda supplements. Equally crucial is to follow healthy, nutritious diet and to stay fit.

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