Nasya is one of the Ayurveda panchakarma therapies. It is the procedure of instilling medicated oil/powder through your nasal route, to remove the excess phlegm from the sinuses and the respiratory tract.

Nasya is very useful in treating the diseases which occur in the head and neck regions. There are different types of Nasya depending upon the quantity of medicine used and its purpose.

Anu taila is one among the nasya medication that can strengthen your throat, tongue, eyes, nose and ears and can treat diseases of these organs. It has the property of Tridosha balancing effect.  Hairfall, premature greying, and headaches can also be treated with Anu taila.  It can also strengthen your voice.

Nasya with Anu taila initially stimulates secretion of mucous in the nasal cavity and then expels the excess mucous through the nose.  Practising Nasya on a daily basis is therefore highly beneficial for respiratory health as it clears mucous in upper and lower respiratory tracts. Nasya also nourishes the cranial nerves and the muscles of the neck while improving the sense organs of vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

There are different types of nasya karma like virechana nasya, bhrumana nasya, shamana nasya, navana, marsha and prati marsha nasya. Your Ayurvedic physician, after careful physical examination, will be able to decide the type of nasya karma  and the medicament required for it.

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