Ayurvedic Treatment For Acidity

At Nirogam, we have a very powerful and effective Ayurvedic Treatment for Acidity.

Our Coolgut Kit has Avipattikar Powder and Shankh Bhasma. Read on more to to know how this can help you.

Acidity or Hyperacidity or Acid Reflux is caused by a variety of factors including staying hungry for long periods of time, eating food very fast or eating very rich foods.

Our stomach releases digestive acids at regular intervals to help our body digest the food we eat

  • When you stay hungry for long periods, the acids in the stomach have nothing to digest
  • When you eat very fast, there is not enough acid to digest all the food – The stomach then releases acids thinking more food is coming, but you have stopped eating by then, leaving excess acids in your stomach
  • When you eat very rich food, the stomach again secretes extra acids to aid digestion.

The simple solution for acidity relief is to eat healthy food at regular periods of time.

However, if you frequently get acidity or acid reflux ( when some of acid comes into the food pipe and leaves a sour taste in your mouth ), we recommend Coolgut Kit – our Ayurvedic treatment for relief from Acidity.

Coolgut has Avipattikar and Shankh Bhasma are traditional Ayurvedic medicines which has multiple benefits:
  1. It removes the excess acids from the digestive tract.
  2. It’s cooling blend balances the digestive fire and eliminates natural toxins from the system.
  3. It soothes the stomach tissues and helps regulate levels of acidity during the digestive process.
  4. It also acts as a laxative and promotes healthy elimination from the body.

Unlike regular acidity relief medicines which only have a superficial and temporary effect, Coolgut provides a more holistic and long lasting solution.

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