Is there Ayurvedic Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction?

Finding it difficult to discuss your sexual health problems?

It is not uncommon to feel hesitant to seek medical help if you are facing any issues in your sexual life. Well, if you find it difficult to have or maintain an erection, then read on. In such a situation your doctor may have advise you to go for medicines and other surgical and non surgical treatments.

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One such non surgical way of treating the condition of erectile dysfunction is going for an Ayurvedic treatment. In Ayurveda, there are methods that can help you treat erectile dysfunction naturally. Let us find out how Ayurveda can help you out.

In Ayurveda, erectile dysfunction can be treated with ‘Vajikarana therapy’. Vajikarana literally means producing the vigour of a horse in an individual. It simply aims at making a man capable of having sexual intercourse with a woman with the vigor of a horse, and which nourishes the body of the person.

It involves:

  1. A balanced lifestyle with discipline.
  2. It is administered to a person aged between 17 to 70 years.
  3. It is given to a person who has self control. If this therapy is applied to person without any self control, then he may become a social nuisance.
  4. It also involves use of ayurvedic formulations with aphrodisiac properties.
  5. It believes in the premise that sexual act should be done more for procreation and less for pleasure.

The purpose of Vajikarana therapy is to use ayurvedic formulations to endow a man with healthy body, vigour, potency and strength associated with a young horse. It entails the following methods of body cleansing-

-Vaman or emesis

-Virechan or purgation

-Swedan or sweating

-Administration of herbal formulations

-Massages with medicated oils and herbal bath

This therapy is administered by an Ayurvedic expert after assessing your body constitution and imbalances, or doshas. The dosage and duration of treatment is customized.

Here is a handful of home remedies to enhance your sexual  prowess and to combat erectile dysfunction:

  1. Mash two ripe guavas and mix their pulp with a cup of milk. Strain the liquid and add half to one teaspoon sugar to it. Drink it twice daily for three weeks to enhance your potency.
  2. Take 12 leaves of stone apple or bael tree, 2 almonds and 250 grams rock sugar. Boil all these ingredients in half a litre of water. Strain the liquid and drink it twice a day for a month. It helps treat impotency.
  3. Extract the juice of 4 fresh amla. Mix this juice with 5 grams of dry amla powder. Take this mixture with 1 teaspoon each of sugar, honey and clarified butter (or ghee). Take it at night before dinner time for six to eight weeks daily to find improvement in erectile dysfunction problem. Diabetics may skip sugar and honey from this formulation.
  4. Mix one tablespoon of almond powder in a glass of warm milk. Dink it before you hit the bed at night for a month.
  5. Take white onions and fry them in clarified butter (from cow) on a low flame. When the onions turn brown take them off the heat, add a teaspoon of sugar and eat them. Eat it daily before meals to see marked improved in erectile performance.
  6. Chew 3-5 raw garlic cloves daily. Alternatively, fry them in clarified butter till they turn golden brown. Use a low flame for doing this. Eat garlic in this form daily to enhance erections.

These Ayurvedic methods will make it a lot easier for you to enhance your sexual wellness. You may consult an Ayurvedic specialist for the recommended dosage that is best suited to your individual condition.

A healthy life full of vigor and vitality is a possibility for you.

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