According to Ayurveda, vata and kapha are the main doshas involved in non bleeding piles, whereas in bleeding piles, pitta and rakta are the main factors involved. Hence, treatment aspects may vary in both these conditions.

Ayurveda treats constipation as a problem arising due to the predominance of the vata dosha (apaana vata). In fact, all people with the vata constitution have this problem to some extent or the other. From an Ayurvedic point of view, dietary bad habits are the main cause of constipation.

Vata dosha is responsible for elimination of urine, faeces, etc. Toxins may develop in the body due to constipation, resulting in skin eruptions.  Hence, I would recommend you to have medicines to cleanse your body and to correct you digestion and metabolism through a proper diet and lifestyle.

Dietary Factors that Cause Constipation

The following are some of the dietary factors that lead to constipation

  • Eating at different times each day
  • Eating too late than the normal time
  • Eating food that is difficult to digest
  • Eating food without roughage (fiber content)
  • Eating mostly dry foods
  • Drinking too many beverages like tea and coffee
  • Drinking too many cold drinks
  • Not drinking enough water

Apart from these, Ayurveda has also pointed to various environmental and behavioural factors that can lead to constipation. The following are these environmental and behavioural factors – Vices like smoking, staying awake till late at night, sleeplessness or insomnia, mental worries and tensions.

Constipation can also occur due to colon disorders, diabetes, hypothyroidism, Parkinson’s, Multiple sclerosis, Psychiatric disorders, and certain medications.

Ayurvedic line of management of constipation aims at removing the buildup of toxins and impurities, proper nutrition, creating a strong digestion, balancing the nervous system activity, stress management, diet and lifestyle modifications, yoga and exercise.

Home Remedies for Constipation and Piles

You may try the following home remedies for beneficial results:

  • Take 1 tsp ginger paste, add 2 tsp mint leaves’ paste and mix well. Press the paste on a sieve and extract its juice. Add 2 tsp lemon juice to it and add 1 tsp honey, mix well and consume 2 times a day. 
  • Grind equal amounts of sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and take one tablespoon of this mixture once a day for a week. This will help to correct constipation.
  • A glass of carrot juice mixed with spinach juice should be taken daily. It provides adequate roughage.
  • Crush 1 radish, add some milk to make a thick paste and mix well.  Apply around the anal opening and wash off after 15 min.
  • Juice made out of radish is another of the natural options whereby you are able to flush out your system; this minimises the painful discomforts of piles. Regular consumption of the juice varying between one forth to half a cup will prove to be effective.
  • Soak some figs in water overnight. Eat the figs in the morning.
  • Powder of sun dried seeds of mangoes also serves to reduce pain and swelling; if consumed twice a day.
  • Juices of spinach, carrot and leaves of turnip have equally important roles to play. Apart from being mild and soothing in nature they provide the much needed roughage; which has an important role to play in the treatment of piles.
  • The combined mixture of buttermilk and leaves of bitter gourd also proves to be an effective natural remedy in the treatment of piles.
  • Regular consumption of aloe vera juice is beneficial.
  • Consume wheat, barley, oats, amla, butter milk, ghee, etc.
  • Papaya,  mango seeds, sesame seeds, bitter gourd, turnip, rice, wheat, radish, ginger, onion, jambul fruit and other fibre-rich foods should be added more to the diet as a remedy for piles.
  • Taking guava on an empty stomach in the morning is very beneficial for constipation.
  • Take 1 glass of warm water, add a pinch of dry ginger powder and a pinch of asafoetida powder.  Add a pinch of black salt and mix well.  Drink once a day to get relief.
  • Cut fresh ginger into slices,soak these slices in lemon juice for 1 hr and Chew a few slices after each meal.


Constipation During Pregnancy

  • A glass of carrot juice mixed with spinach juice should be taken daily. It provides adequate roughage.
  • Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily.
  • A glass of fruit juice every day, especially prune juice, can also be helpful
  • Taking guava on an empty stomach in the morning is very beneficial for constipation.
  • Consume fresh fruits rich in fiber and moisture; example – bananas, oranges, plums and grapes. These will flush the wastes out of our body. Ideally, about 25-30 grams of dietary fiber per day should be consumed.
  • Dates can also help in stimulating the bowel. Intake of dates regularly can not only clear bowel but also provide strength and regulate blood level in the body.
  • A gentle massage over the tummy in clockwise direction is  said to be beneficial.
  • Drink a glass of chamomile tea daily.

Ayurveda recommends the usage of Dhanwantaram oil for body massage during 2nd and last trimester.. Massage the body with this oil 20-30 minutes before taking bath.

Yogasanas for Flatulences, Constipation and Piles

The following Yogasanas are beneficial in relieving flatus and bloating. It is also beneficial in case of piles and improving the body’s metabolism.

  • Pavanamuktasana
  • Bhujangasana
  • Vajrasana
  • Sarvangasana
  • Matsyasana
  • Halasana
  • Suryanamaskara
  • Pranayam


Home Remedies for Flatulence

  • Take 1 glass of warm water, add a pinch of dry ginger powder and a pinch of asafoetida powder.  Add a pinch of black salt and mix well. Drink once a day to get relief.
  • Cut fresh ginger into slices,soak these slices in lemon juice for 1 hr and Chew a few slices after each meal.
  • Eating Carrom (Ajwain) seeds and Black salt with hot water gives immediate relief from gas or flatulence.
  • Drinking Mint (Pudina) juice helps to get instant relief from gas or flatulence.
  • Sprouted Fenugreek (Menthi) seeds or Fenugreek seeds taken with salted Buttermilk helps to get relief from gas or flatulence.
  • Drinking Bitter gourd juice (Karela) helps to overcome gas, flatulence problem.
  • Raw Garlic taken regularly or using Garlic in cooking helps to overcome gas problem.
  • Boil 5-6 Cloves (Laung) in water. Drink this after cooling which helps to overcome gas or flatulence.
  • Boiled Ash gourd with jaggery relieves bloating and burning sensation in stomach associated with acidity and gastritis.

These remedies will help to cool the body and pacify pitta dosha,which is responsible for causing acidity.


  • Don’t sit too much on a hard surface because it can restrict blood flow around the anal area.
  • Don’t sit in the toilet for long periods. This position causes extra pressure on the anal area.
  • Don’t drink coffee or alcohol.
  • Avoid spicy, dried, deep fried food and also non vegetarian food.


Ayurvedic Treatment for Constipation and Piles

If you are looking for Ayurvedic medicines for the management of constipation and piles, then I would recommend you the following formulations:

  • Chirivilvadi kashayam 2 tablets,twice daily, 1 hour before food.
  • Shaddharanam churnam , 1 tsp,twice daily,after food,along with butter milk.
  • Nimbolae capsue,1 capsule,twice daily,after food.
  • Abhayarishtam mixed with dantyarishtam , 15 -20 ml with equal quantity of water twice daily after food.
  • Triphala churna dosage is – 1 – 3 grams with honey, ghee or warm water, before food. If it is in the capsule form, it can be taken in the dose of 1 capsule twice daily before food. Powder form is generally recommended in case of gastro intestinal complaints.  You can also add a few grams of triphala powder in a glass of buttermilk overnight and drink it next day morning,after straining it. Honey and lime juice can also be added to it.  As a laxative, used for the treatment of constipation, it should be taken in the dose of 1-2 tbsp with hot water at bed time. Laxatives should not be used on a daily basis. However, it can be taken in small doses of 2-3 grams with honey and ghee daily.  There are no potential side effects, however pregnant ladies and people with a sensitive stomach should refrain from using Triphala.
  • Hinguvachadi churnam 
  • Khadirarishtam and aragwadharishtam in the dose of 15 ml with equal qty of water twice daily after food.
  • For acidity, Guluchyadi kashayam, in the dose of 2 tablets twice daily 1 hour before food. And Avipathikara churna 1 tsp with warm water twice daily after food.


Ayurvedic Treatment for Bleeding Piles

  • Cow’s urine is an excellent remedy. Freshly collected cow’s urine,diluted with little water should be taken early in the morning .
  • Walnut, which is rich in iodine and magnesium contributes to the balanced functioning of thyroid gland. Have a few walnuts daily.
  • Consume 3 grapes daily.

Nimbolae to treat bleeding and blind piles, constipation and pain

Benefits of Nimbolae
  • Stops bleeding.
  • Gives relief from burning and itching in the effected area.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Regulates bowel movement.


1 or 2 capsules, twice daily or as directed by the physician.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I would recommend you to take the following medicines, for the management of IBS:

  • Kaidaryadi kashayam 15 ml with 45 ml water twice daily 1 hour before food.
  • Vilwadi gulika 2-0-2 before food.
  • Vitameric, in the dose of 1 capsule twice daily.
  • Karpuradi tailam mixed with dhanwantaram tailam should be applied over the umbilical region (lower abdomen) (in case of abdominal pain and cramping).
  • Buttermilk,added with hing and curry leaves should be taken daily.

Regular meals and adequate sleep is essential. You may take buttermilk, pomegranate, curry leaves, coriander. Seasoned buttermilk is ideal. Eat small meals throughout the day rather than 3 large heavy meals.

Avoid spicy, fried food items, non vegetarian food. Avoid cold food and drinks. Avoid mushroom, potato, peas, jaggery.

Practise yoga especially vajrasana and meditation for beneficial results.