Ayurvedic Treatment for Migraine ‘Niargim’ provides fast and effective relief from migraine pain.

Unlike a normal headache, migraine pains are all consuming and can almost immobilise a person.

Migraine is not just a “headache”. Its a throbbing, pulsating pain either on one side, or both sides of the head, associated with nausea, vomiting or indigestion.

During a frustrating bout of migraine, you might experience

  • Irritable behaviour
  • become sensitive to sound and light
  • disturbance from light flashes or see blind spots
  • Light-headedness

What causes Migraine ? 

  • Indigestion or poor digestion – This is probably the biggest cause of migraines. You should probably make a note of foods that you have eaten preceding the migraine, and then discuss it with a doctor, whether those foods don’t suit you.
  • Some medications also can cause migraine. If you are currently taking medications, and its been long since you got them reviewed, it’s time to visit the doctor once.
  • Change in Climate or strong perfume smell, can also cause migraine.
  • Inadequate sleep

Niargim – Ayurvedic Treatment for Migraine

Niargim tablets not only provide immediate relief but can also over a period of time decrease the intensity of pain caused by migraine and eventually reduce the frequency of its occurence.

Prevention is always a better option and we recommend

  1. Not Skipping meals
  2. Avoid foods which don’t suit you
  3. To de-stress, regularly practice pranayama and meditation.

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Consult Our Doctor

If you have been experiencing chronic migraine for a long time, we recommend consulting our doctor for a long term solution.