Ayurvedic Treatment for Myopia and Improving Your Eyesight

There are several ayurvedic eye treatment procedures that are highly beneficial in the treatment of myopia. Here are a few:

1.  Tarpana

2.  Aschothana

You should personally consult an experienced ayurvedic doctor and get these external eye treatment procedures done.  3-4 sittings of tarpana, especially, will definitely give you good results.

You can also take the following medicines:

  • Triphala rasayana, 1 spoon twice daily on empty stomach (morning before food and at bed time)
  • Saptamrut loha 2-3 grams with 1 tsp honey twice daily after food.
  • Ocuhills capsules

For improving eye-sight, you may try this natural home remedy:

Take 7 almonds, add 2 tsp fennel seeds and add 1 tsp sugar candy. Crush the mixture, add 1 tsp of this mixture to 1 glass warm milk and  drink this at bedtime. After having this, do not drink anything for 2 hours.

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Triphala Rasayana


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