Moon Milk – Effective Herbal Remedy for Insomnia

If only you didn’t lie awake at night worrying about your insomnia! I’m not teasing, but if
sleeplessness is making you hungry in the middle of the night, then besides putting on
weight, there are numerous other health hazards of missing out on your beauty sleep.
So what is the solution to counting sheep most of the night? You’ve probably tried every
sleeplessness home remedy but have you tried this ancient organic remedy called Moon
Milk? No we’re not trying to send you into space, it’s a warm concoction of milk and
Ayurvedic herbs to induce peaceful slumber.

Warm milk before bed is not a new concept for us, but did you know that the ancient
Ayurveda has handed down recipes of warm milk preparations to treat stress and in
particular herbal remedies for insomnia.

Recommended by one of the oldest systems of natural healing – Ayurveda – Moon Milk is a
healthy brew of milk and several natural herbs like nutmeg which aids sleep, ashwagandha
which reduces stress and turmeric which relieves inflammation. All in all it makes a great
sleeplessness home remedy.

So ready to try it out? Here’s one of the most awesome recipes for Moon Milk:
You will need –
Unsweetened Milk 1 cup (Any plant based milk – almond milk is the best for this recipe)
Cinnamon Powder ½ teaspoon
Turmeric Powder ½ teaspoon
Ashwagandha Powder ¼ teaspoon
Cardamom 2 pinches
Dry Ginger Powder 1 pinch
Black Pepper Powder 1 pinch
Virgin Coconut Oil 1 teaspoon

Method –

Boil the almond milk in a saucepan on a low flame. Whisk in all the powdered ingredients, mixing
slowly. Turn off the flame once the milk comes to a boil and add the coconut oil. Now,  your night cap is ready to sip and get you to relax.

So how does this combination of herbs work effectively to pacify and calm the mind? Here’s
what Moon Milk does for you –

  1.  Treats Insomnia:
    Ayurvedic scriptures strongly recommend milk to induce sleep. That’s why we’ve all
    been told since childhood to have a warm glass of milk before bed. However for
    some, milk at night can cause mucus and phlegm. The solution is Moon Milk which consists of a plant based milk base and is infused with cardamom, dry ginger powder, pepper powder and nutmeg all of which prevent phlegm from accumulating.
  2. Antioxidant:
    Cinnamon and Ashwagandha both have antioxidant properties that neutralize free
    radicals which cause premature ageing and chronic illnesses.
  3. Balances Vata:
    The almond milk, oil and the sweet taste and potency of Moon Milk does a great job of balancing
    the aggravated vata dosha and are a powerful stress busting combo.
  4.  Nourishment and Immunity:
    This interesting combination of potent herbal remedies for insomnia are both
    soothing and invigorating to solve all your problems of sleeplessness.

Ayurvedic medicine for Insomnia

Manasamithra Gulika

Manasamithra  Gulika is also known as manasamithra vati or manasamithram Vatakam used mainly in ayurvedic treatment of mental disorders, sleep disorders, depression and anxiety.

Manasamithra Gulika pacifies the three doshas – vata, pitta and kapha. It is a powerful neuro protective medicine.

Dosage: 1 – 2 tablets once or twice a day, before or after food or as directed by Ayurvedic doctor.


The beauty is that it’s all natural and therefore can do no harm. So if you’re having a hard
time shutting your brain off at night, try out this amazing sleep tonic to give your body and
mind the rest that they need.