Mental health is as important as physical health. We all have mood swings but certain people never get over their worst mood swings endangering their social well being. Other than that, we notice an increase of autism, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety and panic attacks in the present generation. Many people amongst us are under medication for mood disorders and psychiatric problems. Is there a cure to your emotional problems and mental instabilities? Having enough brain nutrients can check most of your mental worries.

Eating healthy definitely has its benefits. For instance, if a kid exhibits a lot of energy after having a sweet we call it a “sugar rush”. In the same way, if you consume a lot of chocolate, coffee or wheat products they are sure to have some kind of effect on your mood. Your brain demands essential fatty acids for its healthy functioning and foods like sardines, tuna, salmon, pumpkin and walnuts are rich in fatty acids.

Fruits like apple, banana and pineapple are highly nutritious brain foods. Researchers have been amazed by the survey which showed that people with clinical depression have shown positive results after eating a banana.

What makes the banana so special?

Tryptophan, an essential amino acid. Our body needs a steady supply of amino acids through our diet as it cannot synthesise it. We know the story of the cells in the brain and the neurons and how they communicate the messages through neurotransmitters. Our moods and mood imbalances owe themselves to the two neurotransmitters called. Dopamine and Serotonin. It is with their help that man, an emotional animal becomes capable of concentrating with a stable mood. Mood swings are often found to be a result of serotonin-deficiency. Serotonin helps you to be relaxed and merry. Banana contains both these neurotransmitters. Not to mention the Vitamin A, fiber and minerals that a banana contains and that your body needs.

Other than banana,  protein foods like cottage cheese,  oats, milk products, pumpkin and sesame seeds, mangoes and several other foods contain Tryptophan.

To sum up, a healthy change in your diet can give you a great mental climate.

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