Bananas claim the title of the world’s best-selling fruit and are more popular around the world than apples and oranges. Though we say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” a banana is a healthier fruit than an apple. Bananas are available in India in many sizes and colors. In south India, you start a diet of bananas as early as infancy. Babies receive the first solid-food with banana as the primary ingredient. It grows along with you to become a snack and to become a major part in your old age frugal diet.  In America, it is estimated that in a year at least twenty-five pounds of bananas are consumed by a single person. The yellow Cavendish banana is the most favored one in America.

There are over four hundred varieties of banana. Bananas grow in bulk not on a  tree but on a large plant which is known as a plantain. And the best part is that one can find use for each and every part of a plantain.

Banana would stand for instant energy. Even if you skip a meal, having a banana can meet your nutritional requirements. It is rich in iron and potassium while being low in salt. A banana would consist of 4 times the proteins, twice the carbohydrates,3 times the phosphorous,5 times vitamin A than an apple. It also has vitamin B6 and B12, vitamin C and magnesium. Let’s not forget the vital fiber content of bananas too.

Including bananas in your diet can boost up your brain power, regulate blood pressure, reduce the risk of stroke, cure psychological problems like depression and irritability, while also dealing with weakness and insomnia. By stimulating the production of hemoglobin bananas can also help with anemia. Experts say the banana’s are great mood enhancers and can enliven your bad mood. Bananas can be taken along with your dinner if you have constipation or any intestinal disorders.

If you are very fond of sweets, replace your sweet with a ripe tasty banana and say  thanks to the natural sugar content in banana: glucose, sucrose and fructose. Add ripe bananas to your pudding or your desert or even better have boiled bananas as an evening time snack. Banana chips cannot substitute for a ripe healthy banana but it may very well replace some potato chips.

Bananas are quite convenient as a refreshment during travel as they provide a perfect fill and would not dirty your hands. They are great after a vigorous physical activity as they boost up your spirits as well as your energy. Bananas can be eaten a few times a week as part of a healthy diet. But it is best to avoid them if you are diabetic or fat.

-Aparna K V