Feeling tired and disinterested always can be signs of depression. It is normal for individual to be sad and moody on occasions. But if your unhappy feelings do not go away and if you notice a loss of interest in many things you once loved doing then you probably are depressed. They have a unnecessary feeling of guilt, uselessness ad a foreboding feeling of death. Depressed people suffer from lack of sleep or change in the sleep pattern, weight loss or gain, lack of concentration and inability to make decisions. All the negative feelings he has will be prolonged and persistent.

‘Depression’ was a word we heard less frequently during my school days. I mostly heard the expression in reference to a relative or friend who has met with a sudden and irretrievable loss. But mostly they came back to their normal state after recouping with the mishap and we were hardly bothered. In the present times, you get to hear of a depressed gentleman every now and then, about suicide attempts by young men and what more even little children are diagnosed of depression. A sense of failure or loss, disappointments in life, pessimistic attitude and so on are the causes of depression. Depression worsens as people feel ashamed or frightened to talk about it and get necessary treatments. Antidepressants and counseling are the common ways to battle depression.

However, mild depression can be taken care of by self care and counseling.


Counseling for a while can help depressed people before starting on medications. But only your doctor can do the right diagnosis.

It is always good to choose a learned counselor who is trained in treating depression. It is also important to like the person you go to and trust him or her. A counselor uses therapies like Behavioral therapy or Cognitive Therapy or a blend of therapies to treat depression.


Allopathic antidepressants could make you feel better but will have side effects. A patient should keep in mind that he cannot stop the medication immediately after his recovery. He will have to stop it gradually as recommended by his doctor. He may need counselling after recovery. Your doctor should be notified in case you have alarming side effects like chest pain or trouble in breathing.

Brahmi Rasayana is an ayurvedic formulation that can help reduce the symptoms of depression without any side effects.  It calms the nerves and brings mental peace and tranquility.


As you get back to your good self, it is important to have a positive outlook towards everything, be active and social. You should eat healthy and sleep tight while avoiding drinks, smoke and drugs. Try to engage in hobbies and to meet and interact with your friends. As you remain physically active and cheerful, realize your strengths and focus on developing them. Do not ignore persistent signs of depression.

As the friend of a depressed person, you need to be helpful and supportive. If need be, help him consult a professional and encourage him for counselling o treatment.

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