Mohan had been suffering from a cough for at least a month. He had done all remedies he could think of. He kept sipping hot water, he gargled with salt water and tried lozenges. His colleagues at workplace suggested more remedies and his wife made him a concoction with pepper, dry ginger, cloves and turmeric which had always worked for her. As a last resort, he even took a course of medicines for a respiratory infection. But the cough seemed to get worse every day and he could hardly sleep.
At a family event, he got talking to an Ayurvedic doctor and casually mentioned his problem explaining to him all the herbal remedies he had already tried. The Ayurvedic physician asked some questions and advised him to stop all medicines for a day and to chew on some sweet raisins, and also to avoid all kinds of spicy and oily food. Mohan was amazed at how quickly it gave him relief and by the end of the second day, he felt better. He called the doctor and asked him why the other natural/herbal remedies did not work. The kind doctor explained that according to Ayurveda, all the constituents of the universe are medicinal in one way or the other. The wisdom to choose the right one, process in the right way and administered in the right quantity to the right person is what makes it an Oushadha (medicine). This Yukti (wisdom) is what a qualified and experienced Ayurvedic physician can bring in which makes all the difference. (Book your Nirogam Consultation now)
Mohan was having a dry cough caused by increased Pitta (Pittaja Kasa) which was in turn caused by acid reflux. The remedies like pepper, clove, salt water were increasing the Pitta, which in turn were aggravating the cough. Mohan later took the complete course of Ayurvedic treatment for his acid reflux condition and was also advised diet and lifestyle changes for long term relief.

Just like we reach out to an expert or a professional for help in every other part of our lives, it makes a lot of sense to do the same when it comes to health which is our biggest wealth rather than self-medication. The age old wisdom when accessed through learned, authentic and qualified Ayurvedic doctors can be invaluable. Ayurveda promotes the understanding of one’s health/ body and mind, and how to nurture it to not just live longer but, live with the best quality of life in harmony with nature. So, an Ayurvedic consultation will be useful both in health and illness. Ayurveda celebrates the uniqueness of each individual by identifying the type (Prakriti) and providing guidelines to the well-being of every kind and thus promoting health in the healthy and individualistic therapeutic remedies for the diseased.

Nirogam launches “One-to-One, Personalised Consultation with an Ayurvedic Physician”

Having access to a knowledgeable, reliable, trustworthy and compassionate Ayurvedic physician for your entire family to enhance health and get good advice during illness can be a blessing. Keeping this in mind, Nirogam has now started Ayurvedic consultations with qualified, well known Ayurvedic physicians. The consultations will be one-on-one and can be done on video chat (skype/hangout) or over the phone. A detailed prescription along with diet and lifestyle changes will be advised after the consultation on email. The medicines prescribed will be arranged to be shipped to your place.

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(Rs. 750 for a single consultation)

Meet The Doctors

Say Hello to Dr. Santosh
Dr Santosh

A brilliant doctor with an intuitive understanding of healing, he was trained in Ayurveda from a very young age in the Gurukula style from his Grandfather, Vaidyan Sri. Parameswaran Kaimal, a well known Ayurvedic physician in Kerala. Later, he completed his Ayurveda studies at the Bangalore University. Several  Ayurvedic manuscripts, inherited by him from his rich Ayurvedic legacy have provided him with knowledge and skills to treat certain hard to treat conditions such as Thyroid  related disorders.

Testimonials of people benefited from his treatment are proof for his competence and popularity. His patients are amazed by the amount of time he is willing to spend listening to them and give scientific explanations. His calmness and patience is well appreciated. His wide knowledge of other systems of medicines like Allopathy, help him to understand the patient’s history of disease and medication perfectly. No wonder, patients are keen to consult him even after they shift from Bangalore.

He is  well known for treatment of conditions such as Paralysis, Skin disorders, Allergies, Migraine, Sinusitis, Sports injuries, Trigeminal neuralgia, IBS, Allergic conditions, Acid reflux, Hyperacidity and ulcers, Eczema, Psoriasis,  Anxiety & Depression, Migraine, Thyroid related disorders and others.

Dr Anupama Santosh
Meet Dr Anupama Santosh

Dr.Anupama is an Ayurvedic consultant at Shreshtha Ayurvedic Center based in Bangalore. She believes that the Ayurvedic way of living is more relevant today than ever before. Her approach to  treatment is always a combination of  Aahaara (diet advice), Vihaara (lifestyle changes) and Oushadha in that order. Her success in treating infertility cases has earned her immense love and gratitude from her patients. She treats infertility cases related to PCOS, Hydrosalphinx, PID, Cysts and Fibroids, Endometriosis, Poor egg quality, Repeated abortions, unexplained infertility etc., She offers supportive therapy to increase success of IVF and other assisted conception methods. Her holistic approach to the treatment of PCOS, which includes diet and exercise advice along with medicines has won many hearts. They vouch for her in-depth knowledge of the subject and her gentle, yet confident way of reassuring her patients. Ample proof of these, can be seen in the testimonials of her patients.

Dr.Anupama is also a medical consultant for some Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical companies and advises them on product formulation and development of proprietary Ayurvedic medicines.

Dr.Anupama has 16 years of experience treating – PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), Female Infertility, Menstrual cycle related problems, Menarche/Puberty related issues in adolescent girls, PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome), Ante-Natal care for pregnant ladies, Special ‘Hombale medicine’ for pregnant ladies for healthy development of the child, Post- delivery diet advice, Post delivery diet and medicine advice to the mother and child mother and child, Lactation related issues, Fibroids, Endometriosis and Adenomyosis, Menopause related problems, Urinary Tract Infection.

Testimonials from some of our readers who availed this Consultation

I killed my Psoriasis !  
” Dr Santosh, Thanks for everything ,right from curing my psoriasis to making me believe in self healing.You are next to god for me .Posting it here so that more people can know about the power of ayurveda .Especially for people suffering from psoriasis.”
– Vishakha Sharma

Hair Fall Cured!
” I would like to thank Dr. Santosh for healing several of my highly problematic health issues. My worst problem was that during one of my stays in Bangalore from the U.S. I started having very severe hair fall. Since childhood, I have always had a nice head of hair. I have tended to have a bit more hair fall than average, but not by the handfuls! Within a couple of months of my stay in Bangalore, my hair was falling out so rapidly that I was starting to get bald patches on top of my head. I was close to panicking.

Thank goodness I found Dr. Santosh. He not only correctly diagnosed my problem, which was proven by medical testing, but the wonderfully relaxing Ayurvedic treatments stopped the copious falling of my hair within about 3 weeks. After completing the Ayurvedic treatments, I took another round of medical tests which proved the condition healed. After that, Dr. Santosh gave me a wonderful Ayurvedic herbal formula that has helped me restore my hair to a healthy and abundant state.

Dr. Santosh has help resolve several other medical problems. Now that I am back in the States, I still e-mail or SKYPE him for a consultation and order his medical herbs when needed. He is truly a very knowledgeable and remarkable Ayurvedic Dr. who patiently answers questions from his deep well of knowledge. Thank you so much Dr. Santosh for all of your help. “

– F. Sterling, Marketing and PR Consultant, San Francisco, CA

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(Rs. 750 for a single consultation)