Black Cohosh is famous herb amongst women as it helps in healing several diseases related to female endocrine system which includes menstrual problems, conditions related to pregnancy as well as the common conditions related with menopause.

It is still not established why black cohosh works so well in curing diseases related with females. Black cohosh enhances the flow of blood to the pelvis. It also straight away interacts with serotonin levels. Black Cohosh has phytoestrogens which is a plant compound that imitates the effects of estrogen. The unique compound of this magic herb forms a natural defense in fighting against many discomforting effects related with menopause.

Black Cohosh and its role in curing several problems commonly experienced by women:

1. Hot flashes are experienced by almost every women going through menopause. The quick fluctuations in the temperature of the body happen due to quick dips in the estrogen levels as the body is getting ready to stop ovulation process and menstruation. The estrogen levels are at its bottom in the evening and at night. Many women go through hot flashes in the form of sweating at night.

Fukinolic acid, a pharmacological component of black cohosh, is similar to estrogen. This component does not actually increase the estrogen in female’s body. However, it does trick the body in believing that the estrogen levels are enhanced and helps in curbing the hot flashes and sweating at night. Black cohosh is popularly used due to its ability to prevent and ease temperature fluctuations related to menopause in women.

2. Amenorrhea: In women of all age groups, black cohosh is commonly used to cause menstruation. Women close to menopause go through menstrual irregularities as the body is preparing to stop the functioning of ovaries and the uterus. Black Cohosh cannot make the menstruation to return to how it normally happened. It is used to postpone the onset of amenorrhea as well as induce menstrual periods that were delayed.

Black Cohosh has anticoagulant, uterotonic as well as estrogenic properties which helps in inducing menstruation. However, you must limit the dosage. Large doses may prolong an unnaturally light menstrual periods as it curbs blood clotting.

3. Sexual Health: Many women experience sexual disfunction when menopause strikes. Black Cohosh is useful is avoiding as well as delaying some of causes of sexual dysfunction during menopause. Problems like frigidity and difficulty in reaching orgasm may be avoided with black cohosh as it stimulates the flow of blood in the pelvic area and increases the sensitivity of female sex organs.

Moreover, the estrogenic properties of black cohosh may also be helpful in avoiding vaginal dryness, a condition experienced by almost all women going through menopause. The estrogen like properties of black cohosh helps in preventing vaginal atrophy which is the main reason behind sexual dysfunction in women undergoing menopause.

4. Black Cohosh is also useful in decreasing the risks of several conditions experienced by women during or after menopause has set in. Conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis as well as some kinds of cancer are common in women who have reached menopause. The above conditions can be avoided or alleviated with the use of black cohosh.

Black Cohosh is useful in easing the discomforts caused during menopause. It should be taken with the intention of postponing menopause. Black Cohosh when taken in limited quantities can work wonders in getting you through the trying menopause stage.

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