Yesterday we blogged about some day-today benefits of Lavender oil, here are some more:

11. Headache: Use distilled Lavender mist on your head whenever you encounter a headache. Just keep a small spray bottle handy and spray some lavender mist whenever required. Also, Make a cold lavender compress by soaking a clean muslin cloth in chilled water and spraying few drops of essential lavender oil on to it. Apply this cold compress of your forehead to ease the headache. Alternatively, you can also take one or two drops of lavender oil and massage it directly on your forehead or the temples.

12. Sleeping Disorders: A lot many studies have been conducted worldwide to establish a relation between lavender oil and sound sleep. Older psychiatric people have shown improved sleeping pattern and increased alertness during day time when couple of lavender oil drops were dropped on their pillows or a lavender oil diffuser was left burning in their room during night time. To sleep better simply drop three or four drops of lavender oil on your pillow. Do not use lavender oil directly on the baby’s pillow. For small babies, mix one drop of lavender oil and one drop of geranium oil in olive oil and massage the same onto the back of baby. You can even add one drop of lavender oil in the bedtime bath water of the baby.

13. Menstrual spasms: Massage the affected lower abdomen area with couple of lavender oil drops. Alternatively, apply a hot water compress after gently applying lavender oil. Lavender oil combined with hot compress will help in quick relief.

14. Long Haul Journey: Make a small potpourri by adding several essential oils such as lavender, frankincense, rosemary, neroli and clary sage. Keep it handy in your hand baggage. Whenever you feel heavy in the head roll the potpourri over your pulse points to clear your head and have a peaceful journey.

15. Keep the insects and moths away: The bothersome and harmful insects hate the aroma of lavender oil. To safeguard yourself from insect bites just spray some lavender mist or hydrosol before you step out of the house or before you go to bed. Simply put three to four drops of lavender oil on your pillow to keep the mosquitoes away. A lavender oil diffuser works like mosquito repellent spray. Lavender oil is also a wonderful remedy for curing insect bites, easing down the itching sensation as well as inflammation. Just dab some lavender essential oil in neat form on the affected area the moment you experience the itching sensation. To keep your clothes safe from moth attack keep small lavender potpourri bags along with them. Keep adding fresh lavender drops to the potpourri after every week.

16: Sinusitis: Lavender oil is beneficial in opening a congested nose in sinusitis. Add couple of drops of lavender oil and couple of drops of thyme oil to a bowl of steaming hot water. Inhale the steam with long deep breaths and don’t forget to cover your head and the bowl with a towel. This remedy is not advisable for children.

17. Stress: Keep a spray bottle handy with Lavender hydrosol mist in it. Just spray lavender mist on your face and head during the day. Alternatively, rub little neat lavender oil on your forehead to ease tension.

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